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Through drip irrigation, water and fertilizer can be applied at the same time: Agriculture Department

Lahore: Secretary Agriculture Punjab Muhammad Mahmood suggested that drip irrigation is the best way to apply water and fertilizer to the plant at same time with required level. It also saves the farmers’ time. In conventional irrigation systems, a large quantity of water becomes squandered and unavailable at the requisite time while in drip irrigation required water can be supplied ...

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Naeem Akhtar Bhaba: White Fly is a precarious Cotton insect who remained active throughout the year

Lahore: Agriculture Minister of Punjab Naeem Akhtar Bhaba explained that White fly and American Cotton Bollworm are quite dangerous insects for crop who remained vigorous during the year. Farmers should adopt concrete measures to control them in order to avoid massive damage. White fly also endured whole year which not only cotton but also damages maize, sorghum, sunflower, losarn, barseem ...

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Wheat harvesting has begun in lower Sindh

In province Sindh including district Badin wheat harvesting has commenced. In absence of Government procurement centers farmers are bound to sell their product to traders at low cost. During the last season also Badin has cultivated wheat at larger area witnessing bumper crop defiantly Government is still oblivious of the fact hence improvised for procurement. Once again Government disregarded their ...

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Sunday bazars having same elevated prices without improved security

Lahore: Fruits and vegetables are selling at high prices in Sunday bazars also security situation remained vulnerable no extra measures have been taken so far. District administration has appointed civil defense volunteers who have no experience and orientation killing their time resting on chairs. Cabbage and Tomatoes were completely absent from the bazar. Tomatoes were being sold at Rs.70 with ...

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Pak-Afghan border closure hinders kinnow exports

KARACHI: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Standing Committee on Horticulture Exports Chairman Ahmad Jawad has said that Pak-Afghan border closure has adversely affected kinnow exports to Afghanistan and Central Asia. As a result, the kinnow export target might not be achieved this year. The All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) has ...

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Agriculture department of Punjab has recommended improved varieties of Sugarcane for better yield

Representative of Punjab Agriculture Department has told that government recommended HS240, CPF213, CP400-77 varieties for Punjab including river areas in order to get bumper sugarcane crop this year. Furthermore, except river areas of Punjab, varieties named CPF246, CPF247, CPF248, CPF249 and HSF 242 can be cultivated efficiently in all over the province. They added that agriculture department has banned CPF235, ...

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Punjab still stops cotton sowing before April 15

The government of Punjab has issued directives, telling farmers to refrain from cotton sowing before Aril 15 and complete cultivation by May 15, a time frame, if followed, will shield the vital cash crop from attacks of pink bollworm. However, industry players apprehend the decision will eventually lead to a reduction in cotton-sowing area, bring down overall production and hurt ...

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Price hike in Potato, Onion and Tomato while decrease in Garlic

At the arrival of new garlic crop prices per kg came down while prices of Potatoes, onions and tomatoes goes up. In market unskinned garlic being sold at Rs.480 to 500 rupees per kg while after arrival of new crop price came down to Rs.300 per kg after reduce by Rs.200 kg. At liaqat-a-bad unskinned garlic was sold at Rs.280 ...

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Mangla and Tarbela dams to reach dead level in coming days

A report has stated that the water level in the two biggest dams of the country, Tarbela and Mangla, will reach their dead level in the next thirty-six hours. Dead level refers to the water level that has dropped to dangerously low levels. This is because the surrounding areas where these dams are situated have not received much rain in ...

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Punjab: Cash prize of Rs. 500,000 On identification of adulteration

Punjab Food Authority intended to trigger grand operation against adulteration mafia and announced Rs.500,000/- cash prize on their identification. Punjab Food Authority has decided to conclude operation against mafia on large scale. As per sources contamination in milk, butter, plough ghee, tea, ice cream, ketchup, pickle, red pepper and other spices will not be tolerated at any cost. In this ...

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