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During May 2017, the national exports of fruits decreased by 19.86 percent

During May 2017, the National Exports of Fruit declined by 19.86 percent. According to Pakistan Bearue of Statistics (PBS), fruits exported during the month May 2017, declined by 1.662 billion. During corresponding period of the previous financial year, Fruit Export was recorded 2.074 billion rupees in May 2016. Thus, in the month of May 2017, fruits exports recorded a decline ...

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Cotton grower must check weather updates before spray, Agriculture Department

Do not spray zinc and boron mixed with other insecticides. Spokesperson Multan Agriculture Department said that Cotton growers must see weather updates before spraying cotton crop. For early sowing of cotton, Nitrogen should be applied in 6 splits. First 1/6th part with sowing , then next 1/6th part after 30-35 days of sowing and later nitrogen doses should be applied ...

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Heavy Rain makes Rain water stand in field, Will results In Jassid and White fly attack

Due to recent rains in Multan, cotton crop have been adversely affected. Farmers are also worried about reduction in crop yield. Cotton crop has been cultivated in Multan on 4 lakh 13 thousand acres, but due to recent heavy rains, standing water in field is severely affecting crop yield and also increase attack of whitefly and Jassid is noted. Agriculture ...

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Irrigate Gardens After every 10-15 days, Agriculture Experts

Agriculture Experts has instructed to irrigate citrus and mango garden after every 10 to 15 days and 12 to 14 days respectively and also instructed to immediately dump all dropped fruits into soil. Growers should check the farms regularly to avoid insect attack and continue to take action against the fruit fly till its harvesting.

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Increased Prices of Mutton and beef before Eid-ul-fiter

After fruit vendors and vegetable seller sold everything with their own desired prices in the month of Ramadan, now meat mafia has also challenged government rit and increased the prices of mutton and beef few days before Eid ul fiter ; due to which it is difficult for the average and the poor people to buy meat. Despite the three-day ...

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Risk of damaging flowering plants during monsoon

Department of Agricultural Punjab, Rawalpindi alerts that there is a risk of damaging flowering plants during Monsoon. Therefore flower growers warn that there is a danger of damaging flowering plants in Monsoon so they should take precautionary measures. According to the source of Floriculture and land scapping specialists had warned to all the stake holders related to floriculture that according ...

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Farmers are more into the cultivation of profitable agricultural commodities

Increase in the prices of agricultural commodities farmers were motivated to adopt the modern agricultural technologies i.e. Tunnel farming. Summer vegetables are in the market but beyond the reach of public. The main reason is the decline in cultivation due to increase in production cost. According to sources farmers are worried about increase in the prices of agricultural inputs and ...

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Cotton growers asked to ensure weeds’ eradication

The Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) has advised the cotton growers to ensure eradication of weeds from their fields to increase per acre yield. A spokesman of the department said here on Wednesday that weeds caused wastage of different agricultural resources, water, nutritional ingredients as well as light. The weeds also capture space which leads to decline in per acre yield. ...

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Yusuf Zafar most productive Agri scientist

Pakistan Council for Science & Technology (PCST) has declared Chairman PARC, Dr Yusuf Zafar as the top most Productive Scientist of Pakistan in the field of Agriculture. The criteria were based on 10 measurable indicators. It is also a matter of pleasure that the name of 20 scientists of PARC have been included in the Directory of Productive Scientists of ...

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Kitchen Gardening

For vegetables cultivation canal water or drinking water must be used. Polluted and salted water turns the soil surface hard and the salts present in it will restrict plants growth. Take care while irrigating the vegetables that the water level will not raise up to the raise beds because it will turns the soil hard and effects the plants growth. ...

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