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Control of Smog is now possible by Sunflower cultivation

Students of Institute of Industry of Technology Biotechnology Government College University Lahore have discovered after various experiences. That smog can be controlled by sunflower cultivation. Natural qualities are found in sunflower, which help in eliminating air pollution and absorb elements in air pollution.

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Farmers to get soil health reports on smartphones

Punjab agriculture department has set up a project management unit (PMU) for successful execution of 2-Dot project that will enable farmers receive updated reports of analysis of soil of their specific piece of agriculture land on their smartphones through a recently launched mobile phone application.Agriculture department had been busy in collecting soil samples for the last one year from across ...

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Punjab Gov for fixing sugarcane price at Rs180/bag

LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday chaired a high-level meeting on problems being faced by the sugarcane growers.  The meeting reviewed payment of dues to the farmers by sugar mill owners. Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister directed that the availability of sugarcane at Rs180 be ensured and further added that if there was ever a complaint ...

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Management of Apple Scab

Apple scab or black spot is a disease that infects leaves, shoots, buds, blossoms and fruit caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis. This fungus may infect developing flowers, but is frequently seen on reproductive parts after the fruit has set. Usually Apple scab occurs on apple, crab-apple and many other species in the genus Malus. Infection of fruit stalks usually ...

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Government of Punjab started formation of dates valley at hundreds of acres in southern Punjab

Government of Punjab started formation of dates valley at hundreds of acres in southern Punjab According to this plan, cultivation of dates on hundreds of acres in southern Punjab has started. High and standard quality dates will be imported. With the formation of Khajur valley, Pakistan will be able to export large quantity of dates. The annual production of dates ...

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Sustainable agriculture depends on seed purity, genetics: PARC

By the year 2050, the amount of food required to feed the world population will be double of the current requirements. The conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture are key to ensuring that the world will produce enough food to feed its growing population in the future.With a growing population and dwindling land and ...

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