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Weed Management

Without weed control, a farmer might make a few bushels of corn or soybeans, but a producer could make no harvestable cotton. Cotton is a tropical perennial grown in warm temperate regions as a summer annual, and is a poor competitor against many of the weeds.Following planting, cotton requires 8 weeks of weed-free growth to make maximum yields. Good yields ...

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Punjab Govt doubles subsidy over DAP

The Punjab government have doubled subsidy over diammonium phosphate (DAP) being provided to farmers as it was increased from Rs 150 per bag to Rs 300 per bag. Punjab Secretary Agriculture Muhammad Mehmood on Friday said the subsidy would also be given to all phosphoric Urea.The govt was taking steps to increase production as per demand of the country and ...

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Sweet potato can be cultivated in mid-April to mid-June

Sweet potato can be cultivated in mid-April to mid-June Farmers are instructed for timely use of Irrigation, hoeing and fertilizer and Agriculture experts said that if there is no frequent rain than irrigate sweet potato at least 7 to 8 times. At initial stages irrigate it 2 to 3 times a week later irrigation can be increased up to 15 ...

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For late planting of okra, seeds should be treated with fungicide

Agriculture experts said that for late planting of okra farmers should treat seeds with proper fungicide. It is necessary as many fungal diseases occur on late season crop of okra. As okra is an important summer vegetable and there is a fear of many fungal and other diseases on late season crop. So experts have instructed farmers to treat seeds ...

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Agriculture Department says onion can be stored for more than 6 months

Onion should be harvested at proper stage to store it for longer time. If the leaves are dried 15-20% and starts to break then it should be harvested. If onion is harvested at proper stage then it is possible to store onion for six months and even more than it. Agriculture expert further said that farmers should carefully harvest onion. ...

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Combined use of fertilisers and weedicides

WEEDS often reduce crop production as they compete with the crop for nutrients, water, light, gases and space.There are numerous losses due to weeds and they are varied in nature. Losses due weeds and the cost of their control constitute one of the largest expenditure in production of crops and vegetables. These losses are almost equally divided between reductions in ...

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Weather Forcast

It is reported that weather from the first may is expected windy with scattered thunderstorm which may affect the harvesting of Wheat. As per Source Description (Disturbed weather (dust-storm /thunderstorm /isolated Hailstorm) on the way to Pakistan in first week of May, Isolated to scattered).

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1 Lakh 20 thousand plants can be planted in the field with the help of transplanter.

The Punjab government has started introducing modern technology of rice cultivation in different cities. Currently in Pakistan, average production of three mounds per acre in Pakistan is produced, which is far less than the production of America, China and Egypt. The biggest reason for low production of rice is less number of plants per acre in the fields, which is ...

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For the best production of Sugarcane use Potash Fertilizer: Agriculture Expert

Agriculture Experts has said that 46 mound of the sugar is obtained from per acres of sugarcane annually in Pakistan, while 127 mound in Egypt and 138 mound in Australia, so if our farmers use modern technology, they will improve the production of sugar .For the best production nitrogen fertilizer is very important it not only give strength to crops ...

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For the cultivation of millet 6 kg/acre seed rate is required

Agriculture Experts said that in low irrigated areas cultivation of millet must be done during current week and further said that in irrigated areas 6 kg/acre while in Arid zone 4 to 5 kg/acre is required.If intercropping is done of both Millet and Cowpea will help increasing crop yield and nutritional value aswell.

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