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For the best production of Sesame cultivation use approved varieties TH-6 and TS-5

Agriculture Experts recommended approved varieties TH-6 and TS-5 for the best production of Sesame. TH-6 variety can be ready in 110 days and this variety is resistant against many disases. Average production of this variety is 8-10 mound per acre . The other variety can be ready in 120-125 days . Plant to plant distance maintained in this variety is 6 ...

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Land acquisition for Mohmand dam set to begin

The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) has decided to immediately start land acquisition for the multi-purpose Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project.The political agent of the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) has also been instructed by the authority to establish a project management unit that would exclusively work on land acquisition in Mohmand Agency and adjoining areas, it is learnt.The concrete-faced rock-fill ...

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Agriculture fair price shops

Spokesman of Agriculture Department Punjab has said that Government of Punjab has established “Agriculture Fair Price Shops at Ramazan/ Model bazars in terms of service delivery and reduction in prices of Agriculture Commodity where 17 items of daily edible items are available on subsidized rates. An amount of Rs.475 Million as subsidy has been sanctioned to all the Deputy Commissioners ...

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Promotion of High Value Agriculture through Provision of Climate Smart Technology Package

ADP funded project Promotion of High Value Agriculture through Provision of Climate Smart Technology Package under Chief Minister’s Kissan Package envisages provision of Solar System for water supply at 20,000 Acres of land with mendatary condition of High Efficiency Irrigation System and installation of Solar System on 3,000 acres where Tunnel will be installed along with High Efficiency Irrigation System.The ...

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Best Climate for tomato Cultivation

Tomato is very sensitive to cold. In most cultivars, flowering does not develop normally below 15oC or above 35oC. The optimum range lies between 21oC and 24oC. Seed germination does not occur in soil temperature below 10oC or beyond 35oC. The optimum range for germination occurs between mean soils temperatures of 15.5oC and 29oC. In the plains, most difficult period ...

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Drip irrigation for overcoming water shortage

In case of irrigation water shortage, every drop counts. Various methods can be used to economise on water use, one among them is the drip irrigation, which is the most efficient system.Modern drip irrigation has become the most valued innovation which minimises the use of water and fertiliser by allowing water to drip slowly to the plant roots, either onto ...

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For Beans cultivation , soil needs to be fairly light and loose so that water can drain : Agriculture Experts

The soil needs to be fairly light and loose so that water can drain. If your soil is too heavy, you will need to amend it with enough organic material to even it out. The pH of the soil also needs to be near neutral.Red beans are moderately easy to grow, but you do need to make sure that the ...

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Mango growers should prune off diseased, dried, broken branches and those touching the ground.

Mango usually assumes a graceful dome shape shading the main trunk. No pruning is practiced however, annually after fruit harvest diseased, dried, broken branches and those touching the ground should be pruned off. To rejuvenate the orchard after every 3-4 years it is advisable that 15-20% of old wood should be removed.Dieback is characterized by drying back of twigs from ...

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Proper Use of Pesticides

Before using pesticides, obtain the proper training.To use fewer pesticides, it is important that pesticides, when used, are effective at killing pests. Pests can become resistant to pesticides making the pesticide ineffective for management. Resistance is genetic in nature, and an insect or mite cannot become resistant or acquire resistance during its life (that is, within one generation). Resistance is ...

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Sowing times observed throughout the country for sesame cultivation

Sesame or til is the most ancient crop cultivated for its oil in the sub-continent. Its seeds contain between 50 and 58 % of very good semi-drying oil, mostly with oleic and linoleic triglycerides. Its oil is stable and does not rancid even after long exposure to air.Sesame is mostly grown on light sandier soil as rain-irrigated crop in the ...

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