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Vegetables must be covered during frost period.

Experts have directed farmers to completely cover the vegetables during frost period. Vegetables such as tomato, chillies, brinjal, cucumber and pumpkin must be covered with a proper cover during winters in order to protect them from frost damage. If temperatures are expected to remain near freezing for a short period of time, a simple protective covering is usually adequate. Frost ...

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Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to cultivate approved varieties of soybean.

Soybean has become an increasingly important agricultural commodity. It is one of the most important oil seed crop and good source of protein. Experts have directed farmers to timely cultivate soybean. Fertile loamy soil with good drainage are more suitable for its cultivation. Saline and water-logged soils are not suitable and must be avoided for its cultivation. They said that ...

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Irrigation must be stopped 25-30 days before harvesting sugarcane.

Sugarcane is an important cash crop of Pakistan. It is mainly grown for sugar production. It is an important source of income and employment for the farming community of the country. It also provide essential products for industries. Pakistan occupies an important position in cane producing countries of the world. It ranks at the fourth position in cane acreage and ...

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The Chief Minister Punjab has directed to conduct immediate survey of salt affected soils.

Salinity and sodicity not only decreases the agricultural production of most crops, but also, effects soil physicochemical properties. Increased salt levels in soils can greatly effect plant growth and development. Chief Minister Punjab has directed to conduct immediate survey of thousand acres lands affected by salinity and sodicity. Based on the survey efforts will be done to make those soils ...

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Appropriate soil must be selected for mango cultivation.

Mangoes must be planted in full sun and well-drained soil. Farmers should select appropriate climate and land for mango cultivation in order to achieve a better production. Before planting mango plants, good preparation of field is essential. Mango trees require ample moisture to grow and produce well. The tree must not sit in stagnant water. For this reason soil must ...

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Higher yield can be achieved by protecting pea crop from adverse climatic conditions.

Agriculture Experts said that higher productivity can be achieved from pea crop, if the crop is saved from adverse climatic conditions. Peas needs cool climate to grow properly. They are very sensitive to high temperature and frost conditions. In case of frost damage, 3-4 kg Urea per 100 litre water must be sprayed so that the crop can be saved ...

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Upturn of wheat production is necessity of time, Agriculture Department of Punjab

Agriculture Department said that due to the growth in population on daily basis, an increase in wheat production is important to meet its requirement. In order to achieve higher production, the best time for cultivation is 30th November. According to the research of Agriculture Department, the crop sown after 30th November, decreases its productivity every day. Due to delay in ...

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Sugarcane must be timely harvested, Agriculture Department Punjab

Sugarcane is one of the important cash crops grown in Pakistan and it is very important crop for the farmers to increase their economy. For the production of sugar and related products our country depends on this crop. Currently 83 sugar mills are working to produce sugar, out of which 44 are located in Punjab. The total capacity of these ...

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Wheat production target set at 10 million hectares and sunflower at 2 lac 50 thousand acres, Punjab Government.

The Punjab Government has set wheat production target at 10 million hectares and sunflower production target at 2 lac and 50 thousand acres for Rabi sowing season. The target has been set for all districts including Faisalabad Division. Wheat production target has set at 10 million hectares area and for the promotion of oil seed crops production, target for sunflower ...

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Pruning should be done in date palm during December.

Agriculture Expert have directed farmers to do pruning and trimming in date palm. They have been instructed to prune the old branches and to remove dried and diseased fronds. Spines present on new fronds should be trimmed. After pruning and trimming, fertilizers must be applied. During December, total amount of the recommended phosphorous and half of the nitrogen should be ...

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