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Despite of financial crisis Kissan Dost Budget was presented, Provincial Minister Law

Minister Agriculture Punjab, Malik Nauman Ahmed said that according to the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, under the leadership of Chief Minister Punjab Usman Basdar, Punjab government will remove all the obstacles that hinder the prosperity of the farmers. Despite of financial crisis, Kissan Dost Budget has been presented. Chief Minister Punjab, as special guest at ceremony of Punjab Seed ...

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Farmers are instructed to complete sowing of late crop of cucumber

Agriculture Department has directed farmers to immediately complete the sowing of late crop of cucumber. They said in addition to timely cultivate late crop of cucumber, farmers should also consider the fertility of the land. To increase the organic matter of soil, before sowing 10-12 tonnes farmyard manure per acre should be applied. After that the land should be ploughed ...

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People should take benefits from Kitchen Gardening Programme, Agriculture Experts

Kitchen gardening contributes to household food security by providing direct access to food that can be harvested, prepared and fed to the family members, often on a daily basis. Agriculture Experts said that to ensure the provision of fresh and quality vegetables free from pesticides, kitchen gardening is necessary. They said people should take advantage from the kitchen gardening programme. ...

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Wheat per bag price increased by Rs100

On Tuesday in Karachi market, the price of wheat per bag has been increased by Rs.100. Due to which per bag price of wheat has been increased to Rs 3459. Chairman of the Pakistan Floor Mills Association, Javed Yousuf said that a month ago the Punjab government had fixed wheat price at Rs 3259. But the Sindh Government has yet ...

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Bitter gourd is a warm season crop and moist weather is favourable for its growth and development.

Agriculture Experts said that for cultivation of bitter gourd moist climate is necessary. Bitter gourd is sub-tropical vegetable and requires hot and dry climatic conditions for successful cultivation. Crop can be grown even in place of slightly lower temperature and high rain fall areas. In Punjab its cultivation continues from February to July. For the germination 25-30◦C temperature is required. ...

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Farmers are instructed to protect okra from harmful insect pests, Agriculture Experts

Okra is an important crop, but its production is constrained by insect pests. Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to take appropriate measures in order to protect okra crop from harmful insects. They said during early winter late growers of okra should protect the crop from cotton spotted bollworm. Appropriate measures should be timely taken, so that there is minimum chance ...

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This year Kinnow production declined 25 to 30 percent

Due to adverse climatic conditions, this year Kinnow production is expected to reduce 25 to 30 percent. Director Citrus Research Centre Sargodha, Mohammad Nawaz Mankan said that this year there is possibility of reduction in kinnow production. The main reason behind the reduction is adverse climatic conditions and shortage of water. Due to decrease rainfall this year, like other crops, ...

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For obtaining better yield proper care should be given to brinjal crop, Agricultural Experts

Agriculture Experts have advised farmers to take care of brinjal crop, so that higher production can be achieved. Crop should be protected from harmful insect pests and disease at appropriate time. In order to minimize crop losses proper measures should be taken at proper time. There are various insect pests which are causing damage to crop at different stages and ...

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