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Farmers are instructed to complete cultivation of Rabi fodder crops till 15th November, Agriculture Experts

Livestock production constitutes a very important component of the agricultural economy. To meet the daily nutrient requirement of livestock, farmers are directed to complete sowing of winter season fodder crops till 15th November. Agriculture experts said that farmers should cultivate winter season crops at appropriate time, so that during harsh winter there is excess of food available for the livestock. ...

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Vegetables play a key role in growth and development of human body, Agricultural Experts

Vegetables play an important role in the growth and development of the body. In order to maintain the nutritional properties of vegetables, Agriculture experts have given some beneficial suggestions and the nutritional properties can be preserved by following those suggestion. Due to insect pests and diseases 20-30 percent production decreases and sometimes the whole crop is damaged. So it is ...

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Approved varieties should be used for wheat cultivation, Agriculture Department

Department of Agriculture said that rain fed areas are important for wheat production, so if due to any reason if there is lack of production in rain fed areas then the province target can be difficult to achieve. So the farmers should cultivate approved, healthy, and disease-free, having germination rate greater than 85 percent. They said that during current season, ...

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Livestock keepers (Pastoralist) are instructed to do vaccination.

Livestock department instructed livestock keepers to do vaccination in order to prevent diseases in goat, sheep and poultry. They said farmers should not forget to do vaccination in the month of October, as it is the best season for doing it. Director of Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Faisalabad, Dr. Saliha Gul, said that to protect animals from infectious diseases ...

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Promotion of kitchen gardening is essential for healthy life, Deputy Director Agriculture Extension Okara

Deputy Director Agriculture Extension, Choudhry Shahbaz Akhtar said that raising vegetables at home is not only a healthy exercise, but it also meet daily requirement of the vegetables. Due to kitchen gardening healthy vegetables can be available to the whole family at low cost. He expressed his views while addressing the seminar organized for promotion of Kitchen gardening. Choudhry Shahbaz ...

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Linseed is a cool season crop and requires moderate to cool temperature.

Basically, linseed is a cool season or winter crop. This crop is sensitive to frost conditions. However, it does adapt itself to different climatic conditions. The temperature required during the vegetative growth period should be moderate or cool. High temperatures above 33°C during the flowering stage reduces the seed yield, oil content and also the quality of the oil. An ...

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Honeybee Farming

 Beekeeping or apiculture is one of the oldest tradition. It is basically rearing of honey bees for the production of honey and other beneficial products while utilizing commercial methods. The name apiculture is given due to the scientific name of the honeybees which is ‘Apis’. It is the art and science of rearing honeybee colonies of desired species at ...

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Growers are instructed to complete sowing of Gladiolus in November

Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to complete sowing of gladiolus in the month of December. Gladiolus is one of the most beautiful flowers grown worldwide. It is a perennial and best known for its tall flower spikes. They are available in a wide range of colors such as white, reddish pink, orange and yellow. For its cultivation fertile loamy soil ...

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