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Annual production of date palm increased by 6 million tonnes.

Pakistan’s position is always among the seven largest producers and exporters of dates in the world. Its annual production has exceeded 6 million tonnes. Pakistan has earned 25 hundred million dollars in foreign exchange. If the proper facilities are made available then the export target can be further enhanced. According to the sources of Harvest Trading Department, due to the ...

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Mango plants must be protected from cold, Agriculture Experts

Agricultural Experts have directed growers to protect mango orchards from frost damage. Cold temperature badly affects the mango plants, so proper management is necessary in order to save the plants during severe cold period. Frost can scorch the leaves of fruit trees while reducing their health and sometimes interfering with fruiting. If the temperature goes below 4◦C, then the nursery ...

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Vegetables export from the country increased by 72.6 percent

This year during September, an increase in vegetable export has been recorded. The vegetable export from the country has been increased by 72.6 percent. According to statistics, during the third month of current fiscal year, Pakistan earned 11.8 million dollars from the export of vegetables, which is 72.6 percent more than the previous export during the same period of fiscal ...

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Off-season management strategies for cotton are necessary, Agriculture Department of Punjab

Spokesperson of Agriculture Department, Punjab said that cotton is a major crop of Pakistan. Pakistan’s economy is mostly dependent on cotton crop. About 75% of cotton production comes from Punjab District. Different factors are necessary for the better production of cotton. Proper management and effective strategies of pink bollworm during the winter is important to save the crop from pink ...

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Despite the improvements in agricultural sector, the issue of water scarcity still exists.

During the current year, despite the improvements in the agricultural sector the issue of water scarcity still exists. Due to which the agricultural sector is suffering a lot. According to the State Bank report, during the current year the agricultural sector growth rate is recorded 3.8 percent while it was recorded 2.1 percent during 2017. During current year in addition ...

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Faisalabad: Department of Forestry has completed 97% target of Monsoon Tree Plantation Campaign, Wajeeh Uddin

Department of Forestry Faisalabad has successfully completed 97 percent target of the Monsoon Tree Plantation Campaign. Out of a target of 6 lac 5 thousand plants plantation, they successfully planted 5 lakh and 91 thousand plants and remaining 13250 plants will be planted very soon. Divisional Forest Officer, Wajeeh Uddin said on Monday that Government had given target of plantation ...

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Timely application of irrigation is necessary for obtaining higher yield of coriander

Agriculture Experts have directed farmers to pay special attention to the irrigation schedule of coriander. They said coriander should not be over irrigated as it reduces the productivity of the crop. The crop should be given water below the row level. If the crop is sown under moisture condition then after the growth, irrigation is not required for almost 15-20 ...

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