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Protect vegetables and gardens from frost and cold.

There is no separate method to protect gardens from frost, therefore it is important to implement two or more methods simultaneously. Light irrigation with small intervals, is a good way to increase temperature in gardens . The use of sprinkler irrigation is also a good technique to protect plants and trees, furthermore the spraying of Brissino steroid hormone in the ...

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Livestock is susceptible to diseases due to extreme dry cold.

p>Despite the onset of winters, there is very less rain and fog is increased due to which livestock animals are under great threat of becoming sick of diseases like diphtheria and mouth to foot disease. Farmers need to take precautionary measures in such cold weather and if any symptom of the disease appears, nearest veterinary hospital should be contacted immediately ...

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For achieving high melon production, farmers should give special attention to fertilizers and irrigation

Special attention should be given to fertilizers and irrigation to achieve high melon production. At the time of sowing, fertilizers should be placed at a distance of three meters to mark of ridges so that the fertilizer stays close after making ridges. Fertilizing in this way benefits twice as compare to fertilizing whole fields. Use a bag of DAP (9kg ...

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Sunflower cultivation in different cities

The best time for sunflower cultivation in districts of Sargodha, Mianwali, Faisalabad, Sahiwal and Okara is from January 15th to February 15th. Therefore, the fields in which timely cultivation of wheat is not done for any reason after rice and cotton, farmers there can increase their income through sunflower cultivation.The ideal time for sunflower cultivation in Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar khan, ...

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Cow breeds for maximum milk production

Dairy farmers should select neeli ravi, cholistani, sahiwal and other hybrid breeds of buffaloes to get more milk. Cattle giving 10 to 12 liters of milk should be given 40 to 60 kilograms of green fodder or 20 to 30 kilograms of silage. Clean and fresh water should be available all the time for cattle.  Newborn calves should be given ...

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Advice to start Ginger harvesting

The best time to harvest ginger crop is at the end of December when the ginger leaves dry and the shoots fall down. If seeds are to be prepared for the next planting, then the crop can also be harvested in February. During this time, it is important to be careful that the rain water does not stand in the ...

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Farmers should adopt better strategies for water usage

Water serves as the back bone of cultivating agriculture commodities and for obtaining bumper yields, but now the whole world is facing water scarcity which is having a very bad impact on crop production. Therefore, farmers should adopt better water usage strategies. To obtain maximum yield, farmers should level the land with the help of laser leveler and choose those varieties ...

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Land selection and preparation for high yield of soybean

Timely cultivation, and selection of loamy soil is very important for better production of soy bean. The drainage system of the soil should be good so that it does not damage the crop. While preparing the land, plaughing should be done two to three times following planking. Approved soybean varieties like Williams 82, NARC1, NARC2, Faisal soybeans must be cultivated ...

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