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Farmers Warned Of Action Over Burning Crops Remnants.

<p>Assistant Commissioner Pasrur Tayyab Tahir said, The district government would take stern action against all those farmers who would cause smog by burning remnants of their crops. Talking to the media, he said that teh district government had already issued advisory for farmers to halp control air pollution.He said that a case had already been registered against some persons for ...

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Mash cultivation … more production by modern technology

<p>Mash is the main crop grown in the Kharif season. About 80% of the area of ​​mash is cultivated in rain-fed areas. 88% of the area of ​​mash is cultivated in Dera Ghazi Khan, layyah, Bhakkar, Narowal, Sialkot, Rawalpindi and Gujarat. But the yield per acre of this crop is still very low. Reasons for this decline in production are ...

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Cultivation of Clusterbean

<p>Cluster bean is a legume crop. It has been cultivated in the sub-continent for centuries because of its importance. About 95% of the world’s cluster bean is produced in the Indian subcontinent. It contains about 35% of the protein content as compare to animal meat. Therefore, cluster bean can also be cultivated in combination with non-legumes crops such as maize, ...

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Farmers should protect fruit bearing trees from frost

<p>Fruit bearing trees and nurseries should be protected from frost during winter season and since the plains of Punjab are expected to have more frost from the end of November to the next two to three months, so farmers should make sure that they perform protective measures to protect their trees from frost so they don’t face any financial problems. ...

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Instructions for protecting wheat from cold and dust

<p>Farmers are instructed to take precautionary measures timely for protecting wheat from cold weather and dust. The better care of crop, better the yield may be Farmers are expected to irrigate the wheat crop lightly during the night because the field temperature does not drop suddenly when irrigated. And it also produces strong immunity against frost in the plants.</p>

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Sowing Time and Sowing Method of Chickpea

<p>Chickpeas are propagated from seeds. Sowing is usually done on conserved soil moisture. A pre-sowing irrigation may be needed, if the available soil moisture is not adequate for germination. Drilling is best sowing method of chick peas. Row x Row spacing 25 – 40 cm and plant x plant spacing 10 cm at the depth of 2 – 12 cm ...

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Instructions on how to harvest citrus fruit

<p>In order to achieve good yields, gardeners have been advised to harvest the fruit by keeping in mind, its aroma, sweetness and color. Gardeners often pick up Red blood orange, kinnow and musammi at an inappropriate time and then for its ripening and conditioning ethylene gas is used which often damages the fruit and reduces the yield by up to ...

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Cultivation of fennel

<p>For the cultivation of fennel seeds the seed rate should be 4 to 5 kilograms per acre till 15 November. The rows should be spaced one and a half feet apart, while the plant to plant distance should not be less than 9 inches, so that the plant can have better growth. Fennel is not only used in pharmaceuticals but ...

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November is the best time to sow wheat in central Punjab

<p>November is the best time to sow wheat in central Punjab, so pay special attention to the preparation of the land for the bumper crop. Land preparation is an important component of wheat cultivation as better production depends on better and timely preparation of the land. Therefore, prepare the land after plowing the land, where the fields have drained and ...

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