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Water requirement for livestock.

Experts of livestock and dairy development authority advised farmers to increase the production of milk and meat by providing the livestock with clean and fresh water. For better production, water should be given 4 times a day and it should be available all the time in animal shed. Research has shown that the quantity of milk is increased if more ...

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Mushroom farming can be lucrative business for women.

Mushroom cultivation through modern method of farming can serve as a potential source of livelihood especially for unemployed youth and womenfolk besides promoting nutritious food consumption among people. Mushroom production through farming is an easy procedure for obtaining this nutritious food. It also serve as cottage industry as people can do farming in their homes on low scale. Mushroom cultivation ...

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Well drained soil is ideal for the cultivation of okra.

Almost all soils are suitable for okra production, provided they are well-drained. Okra does not tolerate wet soil conditions. Well drained soils are suitable for its cultivation.  Soil must have enough moisture and should be soft and porous. Okra can be cultivated by different methods and good quality seed should be preferred. For the control of weeds, proper weedicide must ...

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Potato requires moderately cool climate during growing period.

Potato is grown under temperate, subtropical and tropical conditions. It is essentially a “cool weather crop”, with temperature being the main limiting factor on production. Optimum temperature for germination, vegetative growth and tuber formation in potato is 25°C, 20°C and 16-24°C respectively. Tuber growth is sharply inhibited in temperatures below 10°C and above 30°C,while optimum yields are obtained where mean ...

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Aeroponic Farming

Due to the urbanization and industrialization, the agricultural lands are shrinking gradually. So, the vertical approach (to increase production per unit area) is the only option left for us. But on the other hand scarcity of water is another major dilemma of Pakistan’s agriculture. Therefore, it is necessary that to get maximum crop production by minimum utilization of land and less ...

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Farmers should transplant chillies in January.

Farmers have been directed to transplant chillies nursery into the fields in the month of January. Soil rich in organic matter must be used for the cultivation of chilies, because the soil having a greater organic matter has the ability to retain moisture for a longer time.In such type of a soil roots can easily get nutrients from the bottom ...

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Sugarcane cultivation should be started from February.

Growers have been advised to start the cultivation of sugarcane from first week of February and complete it by March 15 to get a bumper yield. Spokesman of the agriculture extension department said that farmers should cultivate approved varieties of sugarcane over maximum space. Among the approved varieties of sugarcane include CP-77-400, CP-72-2086, CP-43-33, CPF-243, HSF-240, SPSG-26, SPF-213, SPF-245 and ...

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Drinking water can also be used to irrigate domestic vegetable farming.

Vegetable farming is not only important for human health but it is equally important to maintain human body and mind, because vegetables grown in the home garden are purely organic as they are free from chemicals and fertilizers.Therefore, the people should promote kitchen gardening to avoid the sale of commercial vegetables and to keep their health in the best condition. ...

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Cultivation on permanent raised beds.

Many farmers are now adopting innovative ways of farming. There is technique called permanent raised beds that suits those areas having shortage of water, like that of sindh. With PRBs, farmers can have timely sowing, as they don’t have to waste any time in preparing the land. On the other hand, the beds are only demolished and then formed every year. ...

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