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Advantages of polyhouse farming.

A polytunnel is a tunnel made of polyethylene. The polytunnels/polyhouses can also protect crops from intense heat, bright sunlight and strong winds. The interior heats up because incoming solar radiation from the sun warms plants, soil, and other things inside the building faster than heat can escape the structure. Air warmed by the heat from hot interior surfaces is retained ...

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Kissan board urges government to reduce prices of agri inputs.

The Kissan board has urged the government to reduce prices of different agricultural inputs including fertilizers and seeds. Kissan Board Lahore (KBL) President Mian Rashid Manhala and General Secretary, Sardar Yousaf Ullah and others raised this demand while addressing farmers, on Friday. They said prudent policies are vital for the uplift of the agriculture sector.

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Balanced feeding for improving livestock productivity, Livestock Specialists.

Providing balance feed to the animals, along with the vaccination against mouth and foot disease and other harmful diseases is necessary for improving livestock productivity. Due to the import of dairy animals from Australia, Netherlands and other countries, the emerging diseases of these imported livestock are causing new health problems to the local animals and hence requires experts to play ...

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Robot to prevent the wastage of water.

Water is the basic necessity but its supply is a challenge because millions of gallons of water is wasted through rusted and old pipes. Now a very simple and effective robot is made to prevent this wastage. This robot flows in water supply pipes and through its special hands feels the suction force produced by the leakage of pipes and ...

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Medicinal importance of Moringa Tree.

Moringa, locally called Sohanjna, is good for the treatment of many diseases, and can also be utilized as a source of edible oil. This plant can be sown in Feb-March and it starts producing seed only in a year. Moringa carried numerous benefits which included its use as a good quality fodder for animals, improves soil fertility, and extracts from ...

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Preventive measures to safe cotton crops from Pink Boll Worm.

Pink bollworm is a dangerous pest, which after completion of cotton picking, survives on cotton crop remains to complete life cycle۔ Pest warning wing of the agriculture department was also installing pheromone traps at heaps of cotton sticks, at ginning factories and oil mills to monitor pink bollworm. Sticks carry pink bollworm undergoing diapause and thus be destroyed before the ...

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Wheat growers must remove weeds from fields.

Wheat growers have been advised to remove weeds to obtain good and quality yield of the crop. Punjab Agriculture Department sources said that according to an estimate, weeds could reduce production up to 50 per cent. They said that farmers should carry out anti-weed sprays. Growers were suggested not to carry out spray in case of fog, gusty winds or rain. Flat fan ...

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