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Scientist will produce new varieties of Cotton, sugarcane, rice, wheat and maize.

On the directives of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Agriculture scientist of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute Faisalabad will produce more new varieties of cotton, sugarcane, Rice, wheat and maize which will have the best productive ability and free from diseases, despite of low levels of fertilizer and water.

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Trend of cultivation of profitable commodities in farmers

The tendency of cultivating profitable commodities and tunnel farming trend has been enhanced because of increased production cost. Vegetables of the summer come to the market, but it is far from the reach of the public. The main reason behind this is to reduce in the rate of production due to increase in the cost of production. According to the ...

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Promoting agriculture can benefit us in many ways

Economists have said that by promoting agriculture, country can be removed from economic crisis. To eliminate the economic crisis and trade deficit it is important to promote beneficial agriculture commodities. Like olives, valleys should also be made for other oil producing commodities so that we can also export oil. Specialists said that the steps taken by government to reduce the ...

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Farmer’s market need to enable: Ehsan Bhatta

Ehsan Bhatta urged the need to enable farmers market in the entire Punjab to examine the performance of market committees in the agriculture house last day. He said that this step would give the farmers a reasonable compensation for their commodity. He was presiding over a review meeting of 37 model markets in Punjab. He said that pricing methods should ...

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Cultivate Olive Plants in Spring Season(Feb to March).

Soil pH from 5.5 to 8.5 is preferred for Olive Cultivation. The area of Potohar region has suitable climatic conditions for olive cultivation as presence of wild olives at large area is already present in the region.The plants can generally be grown where summers are warm and dry with mild rainy winter. It can be grown in all type of ...

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Pests of sunflower and their control

Sunflower is considered one of the main crops for producing edible oil. Sunflower’s edible oil can play significant role in increasing the domestic production of oil because its seed contain about 40 percent oil. Its duration is about 90 to 110 days and due to a low-term crop it can be cultivated in the middle of large crops. Following insects ...

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Orchards of guava spreading over vast fields of Kohat are in danger.

<p>Guavas from Kohat are very popular in their delicious taste and fragrance but unfortunately are in danger now a days. Guava from Kohat has huge demand for his beautiful taste all over the country also it has huge chunk in total production of Guava in the country. In Kohat guava fields are spread over 2300 acres land from where they ...

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Fruit Flies Managements Strategies in Guavas

Guava trees produce sweet-smelling fruits with an edible rind and creamy white, yellow or pink flesh. Guavas thrive in tropical areas, but their adaptability allows them to survive a few degrees of frost in Mediterranean climates. When ripe, guavas emit a pungent, musky odor that attracts fruit flies. Fruit fly infestations often spread quickly, but prompt treatment can get populations ...

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Vegetable farming is a profitable business for farmers.

Vegetable crops are very important due to their higher yield potential, higher return and high nutritional value and suitability for small farmers. Vegetables provide proteins, minerals and vitamins required for human body, said Ch. Muhammad Siddique, Deputy Director Fruit and Vegetables while addressing the farmers to mark the Farmers Day at Chak No 41-JB near here Monday. In view of ...

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The sugar content in fruits do not cause weight gain.

People fear about sugar contents in fruits that might increase their sugar level or body fats while doctors say consume fruits as much as you can because eating fruits never cause fats on your body. Dr. Katherine from Decon University Austrailia states, people who eats fruits daily are less likely to be fat as compare to those who do not ...

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