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Use of driver less tractors

Driverless tractors are becoming less futuristic and more in reach for every day farmers. Companies developing driverless vehicles that rely on sensors, GPS and precise data. A driverless tractor is an autonomous farm vehicle that a delivers a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, for the purposes of tillage and other agricultural tasks. It is considered driverless because ...

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Proper use of fertilizers required for the cultivation of Jaman

Agriculture department said that use of proper fertilizer for the production of jaman. For small plants FYM 20 to 30 kilograms per plant should be used while for; large plants 50 to 55 kg per plant. Further for small plants of Jaman, one quarter urea, DAP, half kilograms SOP fertilizers, while in large plants fertilizer should be given before flowering ...

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Farm Yard Manure should be applied before cultivating vegetables.

Agriculture experts said that for obtaining higher production of vegetables proper preparation of field is necessary. Farm yard manure should be applied before vegetable farming in order to achieve a maximum yield. Farmyard Manure is a valuable organic manure which enhances and restores a range of natural properties of the soil. It Increases soil fertility and aids water and nutrient ...

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Okra Should be cultivated till end of March.

Okra Cultivation instructed to cultivate till end of March. Okra can be cultivated till the end of March. Sabz Pari is the best variety of Okra.Temperature required for Okra production must be moderate. Temperature below 20 C is not good for Okra Cultivation.Okra grows best on well-drained sandy loam soils. Poorly drained soils may result in drowning (low oxygen) of ...

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Fish farming in rice fields

In rice-fish farming, fish is reared in rice fields. Rice crop needs alot of water and in the starting few months inches of standing water remains in the field so rearing of fish in rice fields is very effective and beneficial. In this culture, similar land and water can be used for cultivation as well as for fish keeping. In ...

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Soybean needs seven irrigation in spring cultivation: Specialist

Agriculture Expert said that check weather conditions before irrigating soybean crop during spring cultivation. Right after 20-25 days of sowing start irrigation and then with the intervals of 10 days give water to crop. During summer more irrigation should e done. Usually seven times irrigation is required for soybean crop. Hoeing must be done two times for good yield. For ...

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Small Scale solar desalination of water

In our country, fresh water is not easily available in many areas. Due to this, saline groundwater or seawater can be easily converted into sweet water for agriculture and domestic use. For this purpose small solar desalination unit can be constructed. By using this method, sweet water can become available for drinking as well as for agriculture and other domestic ...

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Cultivate Olive Plants in Spring Season

Soil pH from 5.5 to 8.5 is preferred for Olive Cultivation. The area of Potohar region has suitable climatic conditions for olive cultivation as presence of wild olives at large area is already present in the region.The plants can generally be grown where summers are warm and dry with mild rainy winter. It can be grown in all type of ...

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Livestock sector development for poverty reduction in rural areas .

Livestock production is one of the important enterprise in which small scale rural producers can successfully engage to improve their livelihood and obtain a relatively constant stream of income. The majority of poor households, especially landless or small landowners, depend on livestock for income. In low-income agrarian economies, livestock form an integral part of predominantly smallholder diversified crop-livestock farming systems. ...

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Rose Plants must be cultivated till the end of March

Cultivation of Rose plants should be done till the end of March. Agriculture Department instructed growers to cultivate Rose plants till the end of MARCH, good fertile soil is necessary for cultivation of Rose plant. Minimum 8 hours of sunshine is required.Cultivation must be done after day time. so that the plants avoid the intensity of heat, and they can restore ...

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