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Agriculture Department has started preparing fodder crops to increase milk production.

Director General Agriculture (Research) Dr. Abid Mahmood has said that the agriculture department has started work on the supply of fodder to increase the milk production of animals and to make it full of nourishment. Barseem, Lucerne and Charri seeds are provided by seed cooperation. This project is of three years, and they said that fodder crops are very important ...

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The import of agricultural machinery increased by 2.18 percent.

The import of agricultural machinery has recorded an increase of 2.18 percent. According to statistics, during the first half of 2018-19, the agriculture import increased by 2.18 percent during July-December. During July-December 2018, the agricultural import increased by US $ 6.6 billion in the corresponding financial year, compared to US $ 60.67 million during the corresponding period of July to ...

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Disease Diagnosis and Surveillance – A Cornerstone of Prevention Regime

Importance of livestock is beyond the shadow of any doubt as it’s activities comprise protection and care of animals which provide food, fiber and labour. Livestock laboratories serve as a platform to conduct research in different areas which affect animal and their by-products. Currently, 36 laboratories are running in all over the Punjab in addition to a Lahore based Provincial ...

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Agriculture Department is promoting modern irrigation systems.

Agricultural department is promoting the development of irrigation schemes and modern irrigation system for efficient use of water available for agricultural purposes. In traditional way of irrigation, water is not available to crops at appropriate time and while in high efficiency irrigation system, water is available to all the plants at the same time. The Punjab government is providing 60% ...

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Measures are being taken to overcome food shortage in the world.

Steps are taken by various countries to curb food shortages in the world, Pakistan is also included in the list of these countries. And if steps are not taken on time, deficiency of food and nutrition will be faced in the near future. Training is being given to youngsters of Ninety-seven Union Councils of Sindh’s seven districts, So that they ...

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Integrated farming management of fish and vegetables together is called Aquaponics. In Aquaponics, nutrient rich water from fish tank aids in providing fertile nutrient rich environment for the growth of plants. Plant roots extract these nutrients from the tray and make then available for the plant. They convert beneficial bacteria and harmful ammonia into fertilizers for plant and in turn ...

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Climate change and Wheat

The most dangerous impact of climate change affecting the main staple crop (Wheat) very badly. Shifting of the December Rains with wind showers in Feb-March causes wind lodging in wheat and get aphids back to wheat. Scientists work hard on it and bring some mitigation strategies for wind lodging developed some verities resistant to wind lodging and Ridge planting in ...

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EGR engines in agriculture

Tractors and other farm vehicles are well on their way to becoming smokeless. Engine manufacturers have had to redesign the diesel engine.  The previous version of tractors produces soot, and oxides of nitrogen or “smog,” which can lead to acid rain. As a result, manufacturers have invested time and money in inventing new engine designs. Farmers are now seeing some ...

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