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Cotton grower must check weather updates before spray

Do not spray zinc and boron mixed with other insecticides. Spokesperson Multan Agriculture Department said that Cotton growers must see weather updates before spraying cotton crop. For early sowing of cotton, Nitrogen should be applied in 6 splits. First 1/6th part with sowing , then next 1/6th part after 30-35 days of sowing and later nitrogen doses should be applied ...

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Agriculture Department Punjab strategies to improve cotton production

Farmers have been instructed by the Punjab Agriculture Department, that cotton germination will be completed within four to five days after sowing. In the field where the spare is present, remove dry soil, soften the soil and fill the spare places. Sow 8 kg per acre of standard, healthy, pure and good-growing recommended. Seeds must be treated properly with fungicide ...

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Growers are advised to start rice cultivation from 20th May

Growers have been advised to start the cultivation of rice crop from May 20 and complete it by the end of June for getting bumper yield. Spokesman for the agriculture extension department said the AARI-6, KS-282, KSK-133 and NIAB AARI-9 should be cultivated between May 25 to June 7, whereas Super Basmati should be cultivated from May 25 to June 20. He said that from June 01 to 20 is the best time for cultivation of Basmati-370, Basmati-385, Basmati Pak, Basmati-2000 ...

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Poppy Crop Destroyed In Peshawar

The Capital City Police Peshawar have destroyed poppy crop on more than 24 kanals land. According to detail, police had received information about poppy in Hasan Khalil Sub-division of Jana Kor mountain areas. Poppy had been grown traditionally for centuries, and that was the reason that it was difficult to finish its cultivation easily.

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Irrigate gardens at an nterval of 10-15 days, Agriculture Experts

Agriculture Experts has instructed to irrigate citrus and mango garden after every 10 to 15 days and 12 to 14 days respectively and also instructed to immediately dump all dropped fruits into soil. Growers should check the farms regularly to avoid insect attack and continue to take action against the fruit fly till its harvesting.

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Seafood exports were reduced

During the first nine months of the current financial year, domestic seafood export declined by 6.88%, this financial year exports had fell down to $ 293.8 million, compared to $ 315.6 million in the same period of last financial year.

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Agriculture Department Punjab, issued a strategy for better maintenance of cotton.

Agriculture Department, Punjab has instructed farmers to properly manage cotton crop during first 15 days of October. Cotton crop is entering the stage of developing cotton bolls. Therefore during this phase, farmers should not let water shortage and irrigation should be done after observing field condition. Last irrigation should be done till 15th October and it should be applied during ...

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Positive impact of rain on sugarcane and kinnow orchards

Since due to the rain in Sargodha Division, the weather has become pleasant, which cause decrease in the heat and its positive impact on sugarcane and kinnow crop, but cause damage to the harvested wheat crop. Wheat crop has been damaged, wheat harvesting has also been delayed and there is also a chance of loss in wheat production because of ...

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Heavy Rain will result In Jassid and White fly attack

  Due to recent rains, along with wheat crop, cotton crop have been adversely affected. Farmers are also worried about reduction in crop yield. Due to recent heavy rains and standing water in field is severely affecting crop yield and also increase attack of Whitefly and Jassid is noted. Agriculture Experts suggested farmers not to allow standing of water in ...

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Due to the weather conditions, date of bardana distribution extended

Deputy Commissioner Sargodha, extended the date of bardana to April 29th, in view of the demand of the farmers and weather conditions. He said that keeping in view the weather conditions the date can be extended even more. He said that Sargodha has also been affected by rain like other districts of the province, but by the efforts of farmers ...

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