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Farmers are advised to apply fertilizer to Date trees.

Farmers have been advised to apply proper fertilizer for better growth and yield of date trees. Agriculture experts have directed farmers to apply one bag of phosphorous and half bag of Nitrogen to date palm in January and the same amount of fertilizer in February. They said that organic fertilizer derived from animal waste is very important for non-bearing plants. ...

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Cotton growers advised to irrigate cotton with specific intervals

Agricultural experts have instructed the cotton growers to pay special attention while irrigating the crop during the period of growth and fruiting in this hot season and take into account the signs of water shortage by seeing the cotton appearance, from July to mid-October. Apply water with regard to cotton varieties so that the crop production process is not affected ...

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Agriculture experts have advised growers to adopt latest technology including drip irrigation for larger yields, besides saving water and fertilizer.

A spokesman of Agriculture department said that under drip irrigation system water is supplied to the roots of plants in the form of well-calculated and required drops to fulfill its water needs for optimum growth. He said the government was promoting drip irrigation system by providing maximum subsidy in order to save precious water and bring unclaimed land under plough. ...

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After the harvesting of maize, farmers should dry the corns thoroughly

When the corn crop is ready to be harvested, the corn is removed from the plant and spread into thin layers on the roofs. Temperatures are high during the summer so it can take up to 3 days for the corns to dry. For drying purpose there is need of great care. Especially with the sticks that are intended to ...

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Farmers should start cultivation of Turnip : Agriculture Experts

Turnip is sown from end of July to end of November but, in mountainous areas, it can be sown from March to the mid of June. Although it can be grown on a wide range of soils, but deep, friable, highly fertile loamy soil is best for its cultivation. Turnips thrive well on moderate to slightly acidic sandy loam soil. ...

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Food requirements can be fulfilled by intercropping

With the continuous reduction of cultivable area and to meet the nutritional requirements it is important to do intercropping. Due to the distribution of heritage land, the cultivable fields are decreasing day by day. In addition to promoting mixed farming, one can earn more per acre with a little effort and attention.

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Introducing a method to make saline soil cultivable

Agricultural scientists have introduced an innovative method of saline agriculture to make more than 75,000 acres saline soil cultivable. Due to this, it is now possible to achieve better yields by cultivating crops with very little expenditure on land that is affected by color. Saline agriculture is a simple and inexpensive but advanced way. During this process, the color layer ...

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Maize Be Cultivation Till Aug 20

Agriculture experts have advised growers to start cultivation of seasonal maize crop immediately and complete it by August 20 so as to get high yield. A spokesman of agriculture department said here on Tuesday that farmers should prefer approved, hybrid varieties of maize including Sadaf, Sahiwal-2002, Agaiti-2002, Hybrid FH-810, etc for maximum financial benefit.

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