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Hydroponics in Pakistan.

Hydroponics can be a revolutionary technology for Pakistan to guarantee suitable and sustainable supply of vegetable. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution. Hydroponics does not use soil, instead the root system is supported using an inert medium, while also having access to oxygen. Growing with hydroponics comes with many advantages, the biggest ...

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Beetroot farming

Farmers should complete the cultivation of beetroot from mid-August to the end of September to get the best yield. Beetroot is a very important, profitable and cash flow.

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Damages caused by Dusky cotton bug

Dusky cotton bug is most damaging insect for cotton crop as it can cause up to 40 percent loss in the yield and also damages its quality. Dusky cotton bug, reproduces five times a year. Dusky cotton bug eats up leaves of the cotton plant to get moisture. It also damages seeds of cotton to cause loss up to 15 percent. This bug gets mushroom growth during October and growers should take precautionary measures ...

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Chinese Team Hands Over Hybrid Rice Seed To PU.

A team of China’s Wuhan University has handed over hybrid rice seed to Punjab University for hybrid rice breeding in Pakistan, which would bring revolution in agriculture sector. PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmad said that Punjab University would play its role for betterment of society as well country. He said that PU was promoting such research projects which would leave ...

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Protection Of Chilgoza Tree & Fruit, Chitral

A Forest Conservation Committee has been constituted in district chitral for protection of Chilgoza tree and fruit through awareness of growers. The purpose of this is to educate people about appropriate time for harvesting of ripe fruit so that people can get maximum profit from their produce. Due to lack of awareness, growers pluck fruit before its proper maturity which causes losses.

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Agriculture experts have advised growers to adopt latest technology including drip irrigation for larger yields , besides saving water and fertilizer.

A spokesman of Agriculture department said that under drip irrigation system water is supplied to the roots of plants in the form of well-calculated and required drops to fulfill its water needs for optimum growth. He said the government was promoting drip irrigation system by providing maximum subsidy in order to save precious water and bring unclaimed land under plough. ...

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Farmers Advised To Start Fennel Cultivation In Sept

Farmers have been advised to start the cultivation of fennel (saunf) in September and complete it in October to get bumper yield. Fennel is full with health contents and ingredients and plays a pivotal role in making the human beings healthy and sound. Farmers should cultivate fennel seeds as they play an important role in lessening their financial problems as it has an attractive ...

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Guidelines for spraying pesticides On Cotton

For spraying chemicals, farmers should fill half of the spray machine tank with water and then put the pesticides into it to a suitable level. Pesticides in powder form should first be mixed in water separately and then put into the tank through its perforated metal piece (Jali). Farmers should use hollow cone nozzle for uniform application of spray. Nozzle ...

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