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Installation of a Weather Station in Sargodha

Installation of a Weather Station in Sargodha and a few moments of awareness and benefits to the farmers. Now the farmers of Sargodha will also be able to know the local weather and will be careful in cultivating, watering and other stages accordingly.

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Mastitis in buffaloes and cows

Almost every fifth buffalo and cow in Pakistan is having mastitis. The main cause of this disease is the bacteria that enter the animal through the holes of the udder and make their way into the tissues. These bacteria and their excretions causes harm to the animal and reduce the production of milk and also have adverse effects on its ...

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Farmers advised to cultivate mushrooms on time

Mushroom cultivation should be done timely to achieve higher yields. They can be grown easily in rooms, shelves or polythene bags. Different kind of mushrooms including sadaf mushroom, button or europi mushroom, cheeni mushroom and shah baloot can be cultivated for best results. If moisture and temperature are maintained artificially, the mushrooms can be sown all around the year including ...

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Farmers follow our recommendations to protect vegetables and orchards from frost

Due to the extreme cold, water accumulates in the stem, branches and leaf cells of the plants, which adversely affects the growth of plants. And plants can die because of severe cold, so follow the tips to protect plants from the frost. To protect the orchards from severe cold, lime and copper sulphate on the stems of the plant as ...

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Stop irrigating Mango orchards during the month of December

Gardeners should stop irrigating mango orchards during the month of December. They must not allow any kind of new foliage or branches to grow during this month and should use effective sprays to destroy weeds. To improve the productivity of mango plants, they should be kept in a dream state till January to complete the bud induction process. Gardeners must ...

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Protective measures to protect chilies from various diseases

Immediate steps should be taken to counteract chilies from aphids, leaf curl virus and white fly and do not neglect any symptom of these diseases. Farmers should use healthy seeds to protect chilies from various diseases. Loss of crop can also be avoided by improving weeding and irrigation system. Farmers should select the varieties that produces fruit quickly. Preventing injuries ...

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Time requires increase in production per acre of wheat

Increasing the yield per acre of wheat is an important requirement of the time. Pakistan is ranked 106th among 119 countries in the world with food shortages. Measures to increase production per acre of wheat, paddy, sugarcane and oil crops are important. Food systems are created by the environment, individuals and organizations, including the acquisition of agricultural products, processing and ...

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Faisalabad, wheat cultivation targets cannot meet because of late start of crushing season of sugar mills.

Sugar mills in many districts, including Faisalabad division didn’t start timely crushing of sugarcane because of that the wheat cultivation targets may not be fulfilled. However, in the district of Faisalabad only, there is a danger of not having timely wheat cultivation on one lac area due to the cultivation of sugarcane on an area of ​​2 lac and 57 ...

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Shrimp farming can increase agriculture foreign exchange

Promoting shrimp farming can help earn huge foreign exchange for the country. Fields with saline and sodic soils where crops cannot be cultivated are very suitable for shrimp farming and from such lands farmer can earn about Rs 8 lacs from an acre. Due to the favorable weather, shrimps can be harvested twice a year. Now shrimp farming has been ...

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Introduces 12 new hybrid varieties of maize for cultivation nationwide

Approved seed types will increase productivity by 3 to 24 percent. The Pakistan Agricultural Investigation Council (PARC) has introduced 12 new hybrid varieties of maize for cultivation nationwide. These types of approved seeds will increase productivity by 3 to 24 percent. Use of authentic seed varieties is also essential to enhance the productivity of the soil. The need to exemplify ...

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