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Instruction on urgent measures to protect onion and garlic crops from thrips.

There is a danger of the thrips of onions and garlic now a days, which causes the dryness of leaves of the plants gradually shrinkage and the surface of infected leaf discourse shines bright. Farmers irrigate the crop and do not allow the plants to dry. In the natural prevention of this disease, it may also be useful to do ...

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Farmers are instructed to complete cultivation of hybrid varieties of spring maize as soon as possible.

Farmers have been instructed to complete the cultivation of hybrid varieties of spring maize as soon as possible. Farmers should try to complete the cultivation of hybrid varieties of spring maize to get good yields. Cultivation can also be completed till end of February and for cultivating approved varieties FH 810, yousaf hybrids and other hybrid varieties can give better ...

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Growers cut the extra branches of potato 15 days before harvesting.

Potato growers cut the extra branches 15 days before harvesting. because of this, the potatoes are hardened and do not rot during cold storage. Harvesting is done in morning when the temperature is low, because of the high temperature, potatoes are more likely to rot. Farmers usually collect the potatoes in a pile after harvesting due to which the air ...

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Weather Station installation at different areas of Pakistan

Weather is the most crucial element in farming as it can influence crop growth and all farm activities carried out during the growing period. Farming based on weather data is crucial to successful farm management. More importantly, it ensures sustainable farming and is essential to achieve healthy crops and increased productivity and profitability. Jazz Bakhabar Kissan has installed Weather Stations ...

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Instructions for gardeners of phalsa to use a balanced fertilizers dose immediately.

A balanced use of fertilizers makes it possible to produce a good yield and batter fruit production. Gardeners make sure the trimming of phalsa branches immediately and at least 10kg of street dung should also be fertilized per plant. It is extremely important to add one kilogram of urea fertilizer, one-pound DAP and half a kilogram of SOP fertilizer per ...

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Okra can be cultivated twice a year in February to March and June to July.

Farmers are instructed to start cultivating okra by mid-February and it is recommended to cultivate a variety named “sabaz pari”. It is also desirable to use 10-12 kg seeds per acre of good germination for sowing. If it is cloudy and temperature is below 20 0 C at the time of cultivation, then Okra should not be sown as it ...

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Instruction to start cultivating melon varieties T96 and Ravi by the end of March.

It is instructed to start melon cultivation this month February from the first week of it. Melon varieties T-96 and Ravi can be cultivated at 21 to 35 0 C by the end of the month. Another quality of melon is that it can be cultivated in all types of soil. However, if soil is a fertile loamy and with ...

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Guidelines for mango gardeners to cure the mealybug.

The process of hatching eggs from mango mealybugs has begun so for the disposal of eggs and nymphs, a hoeing of mango plants should be done so that they can be eliminated by the sun’s incandescent and feed by birds. Gardeners should dig the ground around the trunk and filled it with insecticide. if the stubborn barrier is closed on ...

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Bakhabar Kissan has acquired the most advanced SENTARA NDVI Sensors

Keeping in view the use of drones in precision agriculture and farm management, Bakhabar Kissan has acquired the most advanced SENTARA NDVI Sensors that can be used to analyse remote sensing measurements. It helps differentiate bare soil from grass or forest, detect plants under stress, and also differentiate between crops and crop stages. Thus it is a standardized way to ...

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