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Chemical control of major insect of sesame.

For the control of larvae of leaf roller, till hawk moth, whitefly and leaf hopper, spray Dimecron 100 % @ 200 to 250 ml/acre or Methyl Parathion @ 350 to 500 m/acre or Somicidin 20 EC @ 250 ml/acre or Karate @ 250-300 ml/acre mixed in 100 to 150 liters of water at 10-15 days interval, two times in case ...

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Fruit fly attack on melon crop

As the summer season intensifies, there is a high risk of fruit fly infestation on the melon crop. Farmers spray ‘Trichlorfon’ immediately to prevent the infestation of fruit flies on the melon crop. After spray do not pick the melon fruit from the branches for 10 days

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Fruit splitting: Causes and prevention

Fruit splitting is a serious problem found in many regions. There are several reasons, but inappropriate watering is the most common cause of fruit splitting. Splits normally show at the blossom end when moisture is absorbed erratically. Insect damage can also count in the main factors i,e. aphids and scales. The extreme fluctuations in humidity level, temperature, and fertilizer application ...

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Best growing conditions for paddy crop

Soil texture has an imperative position in crop cultivation that makes sure a good productivity. A well-prepared land ensures the control of weeds, recycling of plant nutrients, and also provides a soft soil mass for transplanting. Rice is a tropical crop that can be cultivated in a wide range of soils such as clay, clay loam, and fertile riverine alluvial ...

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Epsom salt; A magnificent key ingredient for plants.

Epsom salt, which is also called magnesium sulfate, is an inexpensive key ingredient that has magnifecent impacts on the soil texture as well as plant growth. It allows the plants to better take in valuable nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. It plays a vital role in seeds germination, makes infected plants healthier, and improves the plant’s ability to produce flowers ...

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