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Protection against citrus canker

Rainy season increases the risk of canker on citrus plants. Citrus canker is spread by bacteria that attack leaves, tree branches and fruits and stain their characteristics by reduces quality. In addition to grapefruit and paper lime, the disease has also been reported in Kinnow. Therefore, cut and burn the dry twigs and do not let any twigs of citrus ...

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Farmers pay special care to the weeds of the paddy crop

Short varieties of paddy, especially late cultivated varieties, are severely affected by weeds, Farmers should pay special attention to the weeds. Weeds reduce paddy production by 17 to 39%, while shorter varieties of paddy, especially late cultivated varieties, are seriously affected by weeds, which leads to a significant reduction in paddy production.

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Onion growers should complete the cultivation of Phalkara and Dark Red variety nurseries immediately to get higher yields, Agriculture experts.

Agriculture experts instructed onion growers to complete the cultivation of onion nurseries immediately and give prefer PPhalkara and Dark Red varieties to gain better yield. onions should grow in those types of land which have full capacity to absorb water. A better result can be obtained by applying one mand per marla FYM to the field before the transfer of ...

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Farmers should not allow the sugar-cane crop to become dehydrated.

Agriculture experts urge sugarcane growers not to allow water shortages in sugarcane crop. Due to the severe weather during the month of July, water shortage severely affects the sugarcane crop. The sugarcane crop needs an average of 16 irrigations a year. If the sugarcane crop is irrigated according to the severity of the season and the need of the crop, ...

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Instructions to take extra care during the irrigation of millet to achieve a better yield.

Agriculture experts instructed farmers to take extra care during the irrigation of millet to achieve better yield and further they add, it is necessary to apply the first irrigation after three weeks of sowing. As the millet crop cannot tolerate stressed conditions, so water should be drained off from the field, especially on rainy days. Farmers can cultivate millet crop ...

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Farmers should complete the cultivation of guar seed crop

The best time to plant the guar seed crop is in July. Its cultivation requires a warm climate while the approved varieties BR90 and BR99 are capable of withstanding water scarcity for a long time. Farmers can use 12-15 kg seed per acre for seed crop. Guar does not require much fertilizer as it is a leguminous crop. However, one ...

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Loamy sandy soil is really suited for sugar beet cultivation

Loamy sandy and well drained soil is very suitable for cultivating sugar beet. Thus, those farmers who don’t possess much money to cultivate other crops, they can make better financial returns at very low cost. Sugar beet is a really significant and lucrative summer crop. It can also be grown with less water and fertilizer. While its seeds are also ...

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