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Instructions to keep the seed rate at 6 kg per acre till mid-November for linseed cultivation

Agriculture experts have instructed farmers to start cultivating linseed immediately so that better yields can be achieved if the planting is completed on time. Linseed cultivation can be completed by mid-November. The loamy soil is of extreme importance to linseed cultivation. Farmer should cultivate Linseed Approved Type Chandni 1988, moldboard plough the soil 2 to 3 times and then plank ...

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Cultivation of Turnip crop

<p> Turnip is a root crop that is a productive source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, foliate and Calcium. The sowing time of the turnip crop in all plain areas of Pakistan has commenced. Farmers can grow different varieties such as golden ball, purple top, local red & white globe etc. 2-3kg of seed/acre is enough to grow ...

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Agriculture experts instructed farmers to start the cultivation of beetroot immediately and complete it till the end of September

<p>To obtain the higher yield of beet-root crop start its cultivation immediately and complete it till the end of this month. Beetroot is a very important profitable cash crop. Due to the hard work, experience, and important observations of agricultural institutions, the yield of beet-root crops is increased from 7 mounds to 12 mounds per acre. If farmers use modern ...

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Cultivation of onion crop through drip irrigation.

Structure for crop irrigation with controlled delivery of water directly to individual plants through a set-up of tubes or pipes refers to drip irrigation. Water influences crop growth in many ways. The severity and lack of water directly influences on the growth and yield of a crop. Growers can increase the yield and overcome the crop expenses by installing this ...

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Cultivation of carrots in the garden.

Like radishes, turnips, and sugar beets, the carrot is also used as root food. It is enumerated in the root vegetable. Carrots can be cultivated in September-October in winter. Farmers should prefer deep, fertile loamy soil for better yield of carrots. In which have good water drainage capacity. Before sowing, soften the soil to a depth of at least 1 ...

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Farmers should maintain the plant population at 85 to 95 thousand per acre to get the best yield of chickpea.

Farmers should maintain the plant population at 85 to 95 thousand per acre to get the best yield of chickpea and ensure the cultivation of coarse grains after seed grading. This is because in the case of coarse grains, healthy plants start growing at the very beginning of cultivation and their good growth also significantly increases the yield. Chickpea is ...

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Intercropping in Guava orchards.

Intercropping is the best method of land utilization that focuses on the growth of two or more crops. It is not only to increase the fertility of the soil but also to suppress the weed germination and reduce the susceptibility to diseases and insects/pests. The guava growers can get the double profit by cultivating many crops in their orchards. As ...

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