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Farmers should irrigate the spinach crop at its proper time

Farmers are instructed to irrigate the spinach crop at its proper time to obtain a higher yield. Farmers that sow spinach crop on rows should irrigate the crop at the interval of 6-8 days and the crop which is grown by drill should be irrigated at the interval of 10 to 12 days. The thinning of the spinach should be ...

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Control of citrus scab disease.

Citrus scab is a fungal disease that spreads in warm humid conditions. Minute water-soaked yellowish creamy or pinkish spots appeared on the leaves and fruits. As the disease spreads these pustules turn brown and fruits have a rough appearance. Don’t over irrigate the field. Prune the infected or more crowded branches and fruits. Intercrop the citrus trees with avocado or ...

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Anthracnose Disease

anthracnose is caused by fungi that are responsible for diseases on many plant species. Infected plants develop dark, water-soaked lesions on stems, leaves, or fruit. The centers of these lesions often become covered with pink. Anthracnose can reduce a beautiful harvest into rotted waste in just a few days. The fungal disease overwinters in and on seeds, soil, and garden ...

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Farmers are instructed to start the cultivation of mustard crops at its proper time.

Agriculture experts instruct farmers to cultivate the approved varieties of canola and mustard such as Raya Mustard, Khanpur Raya, Punjab Canola, etc. Farmers must complete mustard cultivation by the end of October. Farmers should complete the cultivation of Faisalabad varieties like Toria A and Raya Inmol by the end of September 30. Farmers should not delay its cultivation because if ...

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Farmers must apply fungicide on the seeds before sowing.

Fungicide treatments provide a shield to seeds and seedlings from disease that spread early in the season. It does not only provide protection but also takes a part to improve the yield of a crop. For this purpose, Farmers can use Thiophenate methyl or Mancozeb. Make a solution of 2-4g of fungicide in one liter of water and apply it ...

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False smut of rice

False smut causes chalkiness of grains which leads to reduction in grain weight. It also reduces seed germination. The disease can occur in areas with high relative humidity (>90%) and temperature ranging from 25−35 ºC. Rain, high humidity, and soils with high nitrogen content also favor disease development. Wind can spread the fungal spores from plant to plant. Plants infected ...

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Cigar end rot in banana

Cigar end rot is a fungal disease of banana in which tips of banana fingers turn black and the rotted area of bunch is covered with white spores which shows an ashen appearance to the banana fingers. Prune the more crowded branches and also infected flowers from plant. Do hoeing. For chemical control, farmers can use copper-based fungicide. Nighat Shaheen(Agri ...

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Right time for Turmeric cultivation.

Turmeric is the crop of nine months. The best time to cultivate turmeric is from 15 March to 15 April. The growth of turmeric starts about a month later. Farmers who are cultivating turmeric for the first time shouldn’t be bothered by the late growing of turmeric. It does not grow fast like rice, sugarcane, or wheat, but in 9 ...

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How can you make a fruit fly trap at home?

Fruit fly causes serious damage in plants, especially in citrus and guava. The adult female lays eggs in the flesh of ripening fruits. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae start to feed within the fruit, causing it to rot and drop to the ground. Remove all the infected fruits from plants and buried them in soil. Pour a cup of ...

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The first week of October is very suitable for the cultivation of garlic.

Farmers should cultivate garlic crop in the month of October to obtain higher yield. Use 200kg bulblets in one Acer for its cultivation. Always use disease-free, healthy and hybrid seeds for its cultivation. One of its hybrid variety is known as Iahsan gulabi. At the time of sowing use 2 bags of DAP,1 bag of urea, and 2 bags of ...

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