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Decision to give special allowance to the field staff of Revenue Department for collection of agricultural tax

It was decided to give special allowance to the field staff of Revenue Department for collection of agricultural tax. The Board of Revenue has sent a summary to the Cabinet for approval. The senior member of the Board of Revenue had applied for an allowance for field staff. The senior member of the Board of Revenue had suggested that by ...

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The “Sabz Pari” is the one of the best and high yielding variety of okra, Agriculture Experts

Farmers can cultivate “Sabz Pari” variety to gain better results and bumper yield of okra. It provides higher yields per acre than other okra varieties as well as also resistance to several diseases. The optimum temperature for better growth of okra is ranged from 20°C to 30°C. To gain a better yield 10-20 kg approved seed having good germination capacity ...

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Foot and Mouth disease, A big loss to Livestock Farmers

Foot and Mouth disease is one of the most important diseases of livestock, which causes a drastic fall in meat and milk production. The symptoms of this disease include high fever and vesicle formation in the oral cavity and on feet and teats. It is a contagious disease because this virus is present in all secretions and excretions of animals, ...

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Farmers should spray the recommended fungicide at the early stages of anthracnose disease appear on chilies

Initially, anthracnose disease appears in the form of round dark spots on the fruit. This causes the fruit to turn black in the middle and eventually the whole fruit rot. To control this disease, foliar application of any good fungicide should be done recommended by the agriculture experts. Keep inspecting the crop and uproot heavily infested plants.

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Cultivation of sugar cane crop should be done from February to March.

Cultivate sugarcane crop from the first week of February to the middle of March. Use healthy and disease-free seeds for cultivation. Seeds should be soaked in a solution of mildew poison and then cultivated. Seeds of recommended varieties of sugar cane should be used and sugar cane early cultivars are CP77-400, CP72-2086, CP43-33, CPF243, HSF240 and intermediate varieties are SPSG26, ...

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Instructions to irrigate the tunnel vegetables through the drip irrigation system

Agriculture experts instructed farmers to pollinate the flowers by hand because those vegetables which have vines having male and female flowers separately. In tunnel farming, this process should continue until the plastic is removed from the tunnel because after removing the plastic, the bees can do the pollination. While using tunnel technology, it is important to take special care of ...

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Buck and Ram Fattening

In Pakistan, goat and sheep fattening is a profitable business. They need special feed for the purpose of fattening. A farmer can fatten the animal by providing balanced feed for a period of 3 months. Meat up to 50 % can be increased if we provide animals with balanced feed and the quality of meat will be improved as well. ...

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White rust or stag head in canola crop

Stag head or white rust is a fungal infection that can be observed wherever canola and mustard are grown. The symptoms primarily seem like white, blister-like pustules on the leaves or stem and eventually turn brown to black. The spores of fungus survive in soil or seed and result in less production of the crop. For measurements, grow the seeds ...

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Farmers are instructed to cultivate approved Moong Varieties

The agriculture experts advised growers to cultivate approved Moong varieties in March to gain the maximum yield. March is the best suitable time for the cultivation of the Baharia Moong crop. Therefore, growers should start Moong cultivation in the advent of March and complete it within the month by using approved varieties, including NIAB Moong-2006, NIAB Moong-2011, Azri Moong-2006, NIAB ...

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Instruction to start the cultivation of mung crop

The first two weeks of March (when the minimum temperature reaches 15 degrees Celsius) are more suitable for mung cultivation. Mung sowing season has been starting so, farmers should start the preparation of soil. The Loamy soil having good organic matter is suitable for a mung crop. 1-2 times ploughing should be done for soil preparation.

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