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Weather forecast for the first week of July

During the first week of July, two series of monsoon rains will affect Kashmir, Islamabad, Rawalpindi Division, Gujranwala Division, Lahore Division, Faisalabad Division and Malakand Division. Rains are expected in some areas of South Punjab, Northeast Balochistan, and North Sindh. During the first week of July, the intensity will remain the same across the country and the temperature will remain ...

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Maintenance of Citrus orchards during high temperatures

As summer intensifies and temperatures rises, citrus fruits can become infested with pests, so gardeners should take precautionary measures so that they do not face any financial loss later. In extreme heat, the green leaves begin to turn yellow. Not only leaves begin to fall off the trees, but the fruit also starts turning yellow due to lack of starch ...

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Instructions for harvesting maize and post-harvest care

Harvesting of maize should be done when the maize crop is properly ripened. Do not harvest the crop before maturity because the grains dry up which results in loss of weight that also affects its growth. Do not delay harvesting after the crop is ripened as the plants start falling off and if it rains then the grains get moldy ...

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During current hot weather, Jamun gardeners should not let plants run out of water

Due to the hot weather in summer, Jamun growers should not allow plants to run out of water because if during initial growth stage proper water is not given, later the production is severely affected. Gardeners should water the plants at intervals of 7 to 10 days and before flowering pruning should be done, so that the flowers can grow ...

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Date Palm gardeners should immediately prune the trees, Experts BaKhabar Kissan

Palm gardeners should immediately prune the trees so that the plants and fruits can grow better. For proper growth of the palm plant and its fruit, it is necessary to prune the trees at least twice a year. During pollination and harvesting pruning of extra and unnecessary dry branches is essential. The pruning process helps to maintain good air and ...

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Farmers instructed to start early cultivation of Radish

Farmers should start early planting of radish from the first week of July to mid-August to get better yield. The 40-day variety of radish not only gives best yield but is also crunchy and less bitter. The seed rate for cultivating 1 acre of radish should be 3kg. For more information regarding radish contact agriculture experts of Bakhabar kissan at ...

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The chilli crop has been hit hard by the leaf curl virus

  The disease is usually caused by rain moisture in June, July, and August. The whitefly causes it to spread. The leaves and fruits have remains very small. The leaves also later become twisted and the flowers fall off. The fruit that is produced is also small in size. Prevention and control Control whiteflies. Uproot the affected plants and bury ...

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Farmers should ensure timely use of zinc to increase rice production

Rice growers have been instructed to use zinc to increase yields as the use of zinc is essential to increase yields, especially in land where rice is being planted for the first time because in those lands zinc deficiency is normally present. The use of zinc in the nursery can lead to a significant increase in yield per acre. Continuous ...

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Timely eradication of weeds is essential to achieve higher cotton production, Experts BaKhabar Kissan

Pest scouting should be done twice a week during the month of June, July and August due to the threat of whitefly infestation on the cotton crop. Timely eradication of weeds and other host plants  is essential to achieve higher cotton production, as they are attacked by whiteflies all the year round. Whitefly serves as the vector of Cotton Leaf ...

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Farmers are advised to protect bottle gourd from the attack of red pumpkin beetle

Red pumpkin beetle is a reddish-brown oval type beetle. The lower part of the abdomen is black in color. Its mode of damage is it eats leaves which stops the growth of plants. Adults of this insect cause severe damage to the growing crop. The attack is intense from March to April. It damages the roots, underground stems, and fruit ...

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