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Aeroponic Farming

Due to the urbanization and industrialization, the agricultural lands are shrinking gradually. So, the vertical approach (to increase production per unit area) is the only option left for us. But on the other hand scarcity of water is another major dilemma of Pakistan’s agriculture. Therefore, it is necessary that to get maximum crop production by minimum utilization of land and less quantity of water. Aeroponic is a technique which fulfills the need of time. Aeroponics is the practice of rising plants in an airy or misty environment without the use of any medium by spraying the plants roots and lower stem with hydro optimized nutrient-rich solution.

There are so many plants like tomato, lettuce, watermelons, mints, ginger, strawberries, and egg plants, etc which have been successfully grown by aeroponic technique. By this system not only we save water, nutrients and money but we also save precious time.  In aeroponic technique plant spend 99.98 per cent of their growth period in air and only 0.02 per cent in hydro optimized nutrient rich solution during which the risk of diseases is reduced and capture oxygen and CO2 more efficiently for photosynthesis. In this way plants grow quickly and seedling are healthier than plants grown in a medium. . Aeroponic system can reduces 100 per cent usage of pesticide.



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