Almond Production

Pest and diseases:



These are the main pest. They attack leaves and fresh shoots and young fruit of trees. Apply Dimecron @ 1 to 1.5 litre in 100 liters of water per acre. This should be sprayed onto the trees. Choose windless days and follow safely precautions.


Root Rot, Gummosis and dieback are the main diseases attack on Almond trees in Pakistan. Other than root rot all diseases can be controlled be applying Bordeaux mixture In the month of January and February and premarks spray is also very useful. The main reason behind root rot is soil drainage system is poor so for controlling root rot this problem must be checked properly.

Root Rot:




When almonds are ripe, the hulls shrivel, crack, open and separate from the shell. After being hulled, the nuts are dried in the sun in shallow bags until the kernels can be broken without bending. After being dried they are bleached lightly in sulphur fumes to retain a golden yellow colour in the shell and are graded, after which they are stored in a cool, dry place to prevent them from becoming rancid. Well dried nuts may keep in such a place for more than a year. The almonds are also salted and roasted, usually skins are removed before roasting. Almonds are also eaten before they dry, when the embryos first fill the seed coats. This gives a milky taste.

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