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Weather Station installation at different areas of Pakistan

Weather is the most crucial element in farming as it can influence crop growth and all farm activities carried out during the growing period. Farming based on weather data is crucial to successful farm management. More importantly, it ensures sustainable farming and is essential to achieve healthy crops and increased productivity and profitability. Jazz Bakhabar Kissan has installed Weather Stations ...

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Bakhabar Kissan has acquired the most advanced SENTARA NDVI Sensors

Keeping in view the use of drones in precision agriculture and farm management, Bakhabar Kissan has acquired the most advanced SENTARA NDVI Sensors that can be used to analyse remote sensing measurements. It helps differentiate bare soil from grass or forest, detect plants under stress, and also differentiate between crops and crop stages. Thus it is a standardized way to ...

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AJK female growers training, in collaboration with USAID and WWO

Women have been a critical part of agriculture and are major contributors in all farm related activities in general and crop processing in particular. They contribute in the entire operations interrelated to crop production such as sowing, irrigation, plant protection, weeding, storage, transplanting, and harvesting. Women who are often a vital resource in agriculture and the rural economy, face constraints ...

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Importance of fodder for animals

An annual requirement of 24 million tons of dry matter, 18 million tons of digestible ingredients and 4 million tons of dairy products is needed to meet the food shortages in animals. Fodder cultivation is gradually declining due to increasing population and increasing cultivation of cereal crops. In Pakistan, cereals are cultivated in 56.71 million acres while fodder is being ...

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Farmers Advised To Take Special Care Of Cotton Crop.

Cotton Scientists has advised farmers to take special care of cotton crop as it has entered into an important phase and lack of proper nutritional ingredients at this stage could stop growth of cotton. The attack of pink bollworm and white flies reduces production of cotton and inflicts huge loss not only to farmers but also agriculture economy. The spray ...

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Significant increase recorded in mango exports this season

This year, mango exports from Pakistan are witnessing a significant increase. According to data from various associations and institutions related to the export of mangoes, the volume of mango exports from the country has increased by one lac tons at the end of last week and exports of 15,000 tons of mangoes are expected in the next two weeks. According ...

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Punjab Govt Decides To Promote Cultivation Of Moringa

Punjab government has decided to promote the cultivation of Moringa, widely known all over the world as a charismatic medicinal plant, which start giving production after a year. Moringa carries cure for many diseases and possess protein double than the milk. Its oil is considered as beneficial as olive oil and can be utilized as edible oil.  It can be used not only as a fodder for animals but also improves soil ...

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Increase in preservation of livestock fodder and its export

In order to control the shortage of fodder for livestock, the long term preservation of various fodder and its exports began to increase. Silage and straw consumption in private livestock farms in Pakistan’s largest province of Punjab has reached up to 20% and is increasing. In developing countries including Pakistan, animals are suffering from food shortages. Not only the production ...

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Drip Irrigation System

Use of modern drip irrigation system enables farmers to effectively provide water and fertilizer to the crop . Agriculture (Planning) Additional Secretary Abaid Ullah said this during a meeting in which representatives of the World Bank briefed him about the project aimed at increasing the yielding capacity of “Aabpash Zarat in Punjab” at civil secretariat.He said growers must be motivated ...

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