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The best time for the cultivation of oat crop

Oat is an important Cereal as well as a fodder crop. It is mainly grown in tropical and Subtropical climates. The best sowing time of oat is considered from mid-October to the last week of October. The best varieties of oat are Sargodha 81, Golden Rein, S-2000, which give a better yield. Anam khan sadozai (Agri expert)       ...

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Beetal Goats

Goats are an important component of livestock. Usually, goats are reared for the purpose of meat but there are some breeds which are also kept for milk production purpose.  Beetal goats are unique in beauty and especially for meat and milk production. These goats are mostly present in Punjab. There are six types according to color and area. Their average ...

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Fancy Poultry

Fancy poultry production is usually done in rural and urban areas, but especially people keep them for the purpose of their keen interest in beautiful birds. Fancy poultry, pigeons, and parrots are also kept for the purpose of business. Mostly polish breeds of fancy poultry are kept in production, which is unique due to its special shape and beauty. A ...

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Instructions to prepare the healthy nursery of onion crop.

For healthy seedlings of onion crop, farmers should sow the seeds in well-prepared beds. The height of beds not more than 5 inches. Seeds should be sown at a distance of 3-4 inches with a row-row distance of about 6-7 inches. Must add well-rotted FYM in the soil to increase the fertility level. Monitor the field regularly for the inspection ...

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Etiology: Cl. perfringens is the causative agent of enterotoxemia. It mostly occurs in highly fed sheep and goats. Sign and Symptoms: In goat/sheep, there is acute diarrhea, dysentery, abdominal pain, and convulsions. Death may occur in a few hours, but in less severe cases survive for a few days, and recovery over a period of several days is possible. Treatment: ...

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How to convert the saline/sodic soil into cultivated land?

Saline soils can be reclaimed by the application of a large amount of good quality water. The soluble salts leach down with percolating water. Sodic soils can be reclaimed by the application of gypsum through broadcasting. Mix gypsum thoroughly in the soil and then flush with water. The calcium in gypsum replaces the sodium ions which leach down through applied ...

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Fungicide treatment of Canola seed.

Seed treatment is very important in reducing diseases. Canola seeds should be processed with appropriate fungicides before sowing. It helps to reduce the losses caused by seed transmitted and soil-borne fungal diseases. Seeds should be treated with thiophanate methyl fungicide or certified seed should be purchased for sowing. Besides, those untreated seeds or uncertified seeds used for sowing are more ...

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Farmers must apply phosphorous fertilizers for healthier crop.

Phosphorous is considered one of the key nutrients desired for the healthier crop. It is essential for early root development, tiller formation, grain filling, and also confirms the transfer of energy (ATP) in plants. Also playing a role in the quality and development of seeds, this nutrient ensures uniform heading and faster maturity. Growers must add phosphorous fertilizers to strengthen ...

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Fertilizers application for wheat crop in rainfed area.

In rainfed areas, farmers should apply the fertilizers according to the soil texture of their land. For clay loamy soil, (CAN) calcium ammonium nitrate is more suitable than DAP/Urea because it is not only providing nutrient to the plant but also play an important role for the betterment of soil. In the case of sandy loamy soil, there is no ...

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