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Modern Technology

Organic Maize

 For organic Maize keep the same land, seed rate and plants distance as recommended for inorganic Maize cultivation Soil preparation: As compared to the traditional maize cultivation it is necessary to plough 3-4 times for organic maize cultivation so that the previous crops residue, farm yard manure and green manure should easily be mixed. In this process the soil ...

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Organic Rice

Land: The soil medium loamy and clay which has water retention capacity for long time. Seed: The seed of last year organic crop should be used and seed rate should be traditional farming, and do not apply seed with any insecticide or pesticide before cultivation Fertilizers: The crops dietary needs can be fulfilled with the green manure. The Guar and ...

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Tunnel Farming

Introduction: Growing out-of- season crops in controlled atmosphere inside polythene tunnels is called Tunnel Farming. In Pakistan, this kind of farming is normally adopted for off-season cultivation of summer vegetables. As it is not possible to grow summer vegetable in open fields from December to February due to low temperature and high frost levels, so these are grown inside polythene ...

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