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Punjab government launches 50% subsidy on installation of solar system for agricultural development

To increase the production of irrigated agriculture, the Punjab government has released 50% subsidy on the installation of the solar systems. Under this solar system installation project, drip/sprinkler irrigation system will be installed on an area of 20,000 acres at a cost of Rs. 3.68 billion. This project will save energy (diesel/electricity) and water as well as reduce production costs ...

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Role of Zinc licene chelate in mung bean cultivation

Zinc is used as a micro-nutrient in plants. However, better plant production requires a specific quantity of zinc. Therefore, the use of zinc in mung bean cultivation not only increases the yield but also increases the nutritional value. For this purpose, a solution of 0.5% Zinc licene Chelate should be prepared and sprayed on the crop of about 25-30 days. ...

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Biochar: A cheapest and Eco-friendly source of fertilizers.

The change in climate is due to the emanation of different gases which is a serious threat to all lives. Biochar is a kind of fine-grained charcoal formed by the burning of wood and agricultural byproducts gradually at a low temperature. It acts as a soil amendment that ameliorates the carbon confiscation in soil and also reduces the carbon emission. ...

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Instructions for the use of combine harvesters for harvesting wheat

Instructions for the use of combine harvesters for harvesting wheat 10% of wheat production after harvesting is lost for a variety of reasons, so it is best to be planned before harvesting; Combine harvester is best for the harvesting of wheat. Combine harvester, or simply combine, is a versatile machine designed to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. In ...

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Inter-cropping of vegetables and pulses in fruit orchards

Growing vegetables and pulses in interspaces of the fruit trees enable farmers to utilize not only the vacant space efficiently but also enables them to earn additional income from the same piece of land. Until the fruit trees come to the fruiting stage, gardeners should grow vegetables such as bottle gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, onion, okra, cauliflower, radish, carrot, and ...

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Farmers Advised To Start Cotton Cultivation Immediately

Agriculture experts have advised the growers to start cultivation of cotton immediately and complete it up to May 10 for getting a bumper crop. April 21st to May 10th is the most suitable time for cotton cultivation. Therefore, the farmers should avail of this opportunity and immediately start cotton cultivation on maximum land.

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The cultivation of medicinal plants is profitable for growers.

Farmers can increase their income by the cultivation of medicinal herbs. Use 3-4 kg seed per acre for plantation. Fertile soil with abundant water is believed best for the cultivation of medicinal plants. Prepare the soil by plowing 5-6 times in the field. Add 8-10 tones of well-rotted farmyard manure per acre to increase the fertility level of the land. ...

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Urban people are advised by agriculture experts for Kitchen Gardening

Pakistan is blessed with a variety of climatic and geographic regimes, which create diversified agroecological conditions suitable for growing almost all kinds of vegetables. Household gardening has a vast potential for addressing the food and health of the urban and peri-urban population. The obvious advantages associated with household gardening, such as pesticide-free produce and availability at the doorstep on one ...

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Nutrient management in Stevia plant

Nutrient management in Stevia plant. Stevia likes a light irrigation with lower nitrogen content during the summer months. Drip or sprinkler irrigation is the best method for the fertigation of Stevia plants to avoid moisture injures. Nitrogen plays a vital role in vegetative growth, but the unreasonable level of nitrogen in stevia causes poor flavor. Gardeners are advised to fertilize ...

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