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Attack of spotted boll worm on crops.

There are broadly disseminated bollworms that infest the vegetables, as well as agronomic crop. Larvae are dull green with bristle and blackish spots on the body. Female moths appear during the cropping season and start to lay eggs on floral buds and tender fruits at night. Fruits are partially eaten and one larva may damage more than a fruit. Use ...

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Farmers should complete round gourd cultivation till the end of April.

Better crop yield can be achieved if a crop is timely cultivated. For better productivity farmers should cultivate round gourd till 30th April because timely planting results enhanced productivity. Sandy loamy soils rich in organic matter with good drainage is suitable for an early crop of bottle gourd. Farmyard manure should be added to the field before sowing and must ...

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cotton growers are instructed to take special care of irrigation

Cotton growers are instructed to take special care of irrigation. Farmers who cultivate cotton in rows should irrigate the field after 30 to 35 days of sowing. The remaining irrigation should continue for 12 to 15 days onward. However, if wheat is grown after cotton, the farmers should apply the first irrigation after 3 to 4 days of sowing and ...

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Summer Vegetable Infectious Diseases.

Viral diseases are usually spread by juice-sucking insects. Infected plants remain shortened and the leaves start to turn upwards from the corners. The leaves become yellow, which inhibits plant growth. Affected plants bear less fruit. Virulent plants appear to be smaller than normal plants. Farmers Cultivate the resistant varieties and control completely the juice sucking insects, especially aphids and whiteflies. ...

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