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Seedless kinnows snatch Pakistan’s market

KARACHI: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has said that the demand for Pakistani oranges (kinnows) has dropped in overseas markets as India, Turkey and Egypt have started producing seedless kinnows. “The demand for seedless kinnows remains high, especially in the West, but unfortunately Pakistan does not produce such varieties,” said Ahmad Jawad, head of the ...

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Tea imports up by 10.8% in first quarter

ISLAMABAD: The tea imports into the country increased by 10.79 percent during the first quarter of the current fiscal year compared to the corresponding period of last year. The tea imports into the country were recorded at $134.448 million during July-September (2016-17) compared to the imports of $121.355 during July-September (2015-16), showing growth of 10.79 percent, according to the data ...

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Relay cropping is the growing of two or more crops on the same field with the planting of the second crop after the first one has completed its development. Soya bean and sunflower is one of the best example of Relay cropping. Through this practices biological nitrogen fixation occur which increase nitrogen level in soil. Many producers are interested in ...

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Rabi Festival: Farmers being exploited by middlemen, says UAF VC

FAISALABAD: Farming community is being exploited at the hands of the middlemen. The farmers must be paid well for the hard work in order to ensure food security in the country. University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said this while distributing prizes to the winners of the Goat Milking Contest which was held at the varsity ...

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Poultry feed used for birds growth is according to international standard: Poultry Association

False rumors, bird get weight 2.2kg in 5 week all over the world but in Pakistan it takes 6 weeks. Islamabad (APP) Pakistan poultry Association representative said hazardous feed cannot be used for growth of chicken. Poultry feed used for birds growth is according to international standard. Rumors are baseless. He has given another statement that across the world develop ...

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Food insecurity: Farmers, poor suffer as stocks of food remain unutilized

ISLAMABAD: Despite surplus production of staple food commodities, a significant portion of Pakistan’s population remains food insecure, largely due to extreme poverty, which has adverse effects on both the farming community as well as the masses, particularly the poor. Pakistan is largely an agrarian economy with the largest irrigation system in the world. It has been producing surplus amounts of ...

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Dangerous smog prevailing over Punjab

Alarming State of Crop Burning in India causing smog in India and Pakistan A NASA forecast shows high levels of ‘fires and thermal anomalies’ in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Burning of agricultural waste in Punjab (India and Pakistan) in the last one week described as potential reason of thick smog that has engulfed entire northern India and ...

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Prices of Food Commodities

Prices for pulses, rice and other 17 food commodities has been lowered down while for gram flour and chick peas rise in prices has been approved. On Thursday, DC Peshawar Mr. Riaz Mehsood has sanctioned these prices for food commodities in a price review meeting. In a meeting lower rates for pulses, rice and 17 other food commodities has been ...

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TDAP organises series of fairs abroad

ISLAMABAD: The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) organised a series of exhibitions during the current fiscal year (2016/17) to showcase Pakistani products in the international market and help promote exports from the country.The main objective of the exhibitions is to promote Pakistani products and enhance exports from the country, sources in the authority said.The TDAP facilitated 35 Pakistani companies ...

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