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Farmers should harvest wheat on full ripening, for timely handling of crop; farmer should complete all arrangements before harvesting.

Farmers should harvest wheat thoroughly and keep monitoring of weather forecasts of the weather department. For timely handling of the crop, manage harvesters, threshers, tractors, plastic sheets and combine harvesters before harvesting. In this year, the rains are higher than normal and the temperature is also low so the farmers should harvest the wheat on full ripening. If you need ...

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Cotton growers must use certified seeds recommended by Agriculture departments.

Farmers should prefer fertile loamy soil for cotton cultivation. To make soil, leveled, smooth and porous land preparation should be done. Farmers should cultivate registered cotton BT varieties including IUB 13, FH 142, MNH 886, Nayab 878, BS 15 as well as non-BT cultivars. Farmers should select approved BT varieties of cotton according to their area, soil type and water ...

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Ensure timely cultivation of standard and seasonal fodder for the supply of abundant fodder, Expert livestock

Livestock Experts instructed Livestock Farmers to cultivate maize, evergreen, sorghum, mott grass according to the summer season. And use fertilizers and seeds in the light of agricultural experts advise increasing the fertility of the land to achieve better yield per acre. Maize seeds 40, evergreen 15, sorghum seeds should be cultivated 30 kg per acre to achieve better yield per ...

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Bacterial Blight in Cotton.

Warm temperature with high humidity and momentous rainfall events favor the bacterial blight in cotton. The development of disease causes premature defoliation of plants. initially, small black or blue spots appear on the leaf surface and stem may also become infected. Tissues close to lesions turn yellow, giving the appearance of a “halo” around the lesion. The disease may be ...

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Agricultural experts instructed farmers to complete early cultivation of Apple gourd by end of April.

Agricultural experts instructed farmers to complete early cultivation of Apple gourd by end of April, in order to ensure bumper crop by timely cultivation. Early cultivation of apple gourd produces good results in fertile soil with good drainage of water. Before the cultivation of apple gourd, farmers should add the farmyard manure in the field then plow it and mix ...

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Instructions for the cultivation of turmeric.

Turmeric grows well in a mild climate and fertile loamy soil with good water drainage capacity. For the excellent growth of turmeric, buried the berseem by plowing in the field after two cuttings and add 25-30 tons of well-rotted farmyard manure and level it. The seeds should be pressed 5 cm deep at a distance of 15 to 20 cm ...

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