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Introducing a method to make saline soil cultivable

Agricultural scientists have introduced an innovative method of saline agriculture to make more than 75,000 acres saline soil cultivable. Due to this, it is now possible to achieve better yields by cultivating crops with very little expenditure on land that is affected by color. Saline agriculture is a simple and inexpensive but advanced way. During this process, the color layer ...

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Maize Be Cultivation Till Aug 20

Agriculture experts have advised growers to start cultivation of seasonal maize crop immediately and complete it by August 20 so as to get high yield. A spokesman of agriculture department said here on Tuesday that farmers should prefer approved, hybrid varieties of maize including Sadaf, Sahiwal-2002, Agaiti-2002, Hybrid FH-810, etc for maximum financial benefit.

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Farmers has been advised to take precautionary measures for controlling the whitefly attack.

Mudassar Abbas, Deputy Director Research Information Agriculture Department said that cotton growers should conduct pest scouting of their crops twice a week and continue this process by the end of October so that pest attacks including whitefly could be controlled before any damage of the crop۔ After October, the severity of pest attack decreases, therefore, farmers should regularly conduct pest ...

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Cultivation of Turnip can be started in the month of August

Start cultivation of turnip in the month of August; cultivate approved varieties for a better yield per acre. Soil should be of better drainage type for turnips. For soil preparation first plough soil deeply then normally ploughs soil for 2 to 3 times which make soil porous and smooth. At the time of sowing apply 1 bag of DAP and ...

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Timely disposal of weeds for maximum production of peanuts

Now it’s the time for second hoeing that is done when the crop is flowering so that the needles from the flowers can easily enter the soft ground after the flowering. It is harmful to do hoeing at the stage of pod formation because needles can be affected during this operation and production can also be decreased too. Farmers can ...

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Punjab Agriculture department advised the farmers to transfer monsoon rainwater into paddy, sugarcane and fodder crops as the said crops tolerate excess of rainwater.

Punjab Agriculture department advised the farmers to transfer monsoon rainwater into paddy, sugarcane and fodder crops as the said crops tolerate excess of rainwater. According to the agriculture department sources, too much rainwater was not suitable for cotton and vegetables crops so excessive water must be drained out on immediate basis from these crops. This year more rains were expected ...

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Irrigation systems – Centre pivot

Irrigation is to be done very carefully and this is because of its impact on the growing crops. A better irrigation is a one which focuses on conserving the resource as well providing the crops with adequate water. Adequacy is to be considered the most important criteria in choosing a better irrigation system. Centre pivot ranks first in that and ...

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Farmers are instructed to continue pest scouting in Rice fields.

The rice plant is vulnerable to many insects and diseases from its sowing to harvest. The major insect pests that causes significant yield losses are stem borers, leaf folders, plant-hoppers and leafhoppers. Since the introduction of high yielding varieties, distinct changes have occurred in the insect pest complex of Pakistan. Several species, which were once considered minor pests, are now ...

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