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Weather forecast for the first week of September and its effects on agriculture

Weather Forecast During the first week, the monsoon system is likely to bring thundershowers to most parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir and Punjab, while Sindh and Southern Punjab are likely to receive showers at some places. During this time the temperature will remain normal. Agriculture advisory Rainfall for rain fed areas of Punjab will have a very good effect ...

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Management of Rice Insect Pests

Rice growers are instructed to take timely measures to control insect pests, otherwise crop will be damaged. Among the invading insects stem borer, leaf folder, grasshopper and white aphid are more harmful. Stem borers usually attacks basmati varieties, while leaf folder attacks both ARI and basmati varieties while white aphids generally attacks ARI varieties more. Grasshopper attacks rice transplants and ...

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Instructions to start cultivation of linseed

Farmers are instructed to start the cultivation of linseed in early September. If planting is completed on time then better yields can be achieved. Linseed cultivation should be completed by 30th September. Loamy soil is of utmost importance and preferred for linseed cultivation. For better production and high yield always use recommended approved varieties. When planting linseed with a drill, row to row ...

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Infestation of pink bollworm in cotton

Adult is a small, thin, gray moth with fringed wings. Young larvae is white in color, which is exactly the color of cotton fiber and thus these are not clearly visible, later turns pink. The female moth lays eggs in cotton bolls and when the larvae emerge from the eggs, they inflict damage through feeding. They chew through the cotton ...

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Use healthy and weed-free seeds for cultivation of carrots

Farmers should choose fertile loamy soil with good drainage that is enriched with minerals for better cultivation and good yield of early sown carrot crop. For carrot cultivation, prepare the soil by deep ploughing three to four times and then level the field by applying plank to make the soil porous. To make it more porous and fertile 10 to 15 tons per acre of farm yard manure should also ...

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Vegetables should be protected from destructive insects

Vegetable growers should control destructive insect pests so that production per acre can be increased. In order to increase production and save nutritional value of vegetables, insect pests must be controlled. To protect vegetables from sucking insect growers should remove weeds from the field. Eliminating weeds will aid in control of pests. Sucking insects spread several virus diseases, reduce vigor ...

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Weather forecast for the second week of August

 During the second week of August, monsoon rains will be intermittent and temperatures will remain above normal. However, limited rainfall is expected in Kashmir and North Punjab.   Monsoon rains increase sharply from mid-August and this phase will continue till the end of August.  

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Epidemic of deadly disease like H.S (hemorrhagic septicemia) in animals

It is a deadly disease that can only be prevented through precaution. Following are the methods of precaution and its cure according to the prescription of Dr. Sami livestock expert of Bakhabar Kissan Precautions Animals should be vaccinated twice a year i.e. Before May-June Before November-December Vaccinate your animals before taking your animals on a long distance Vaccine can also ...

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PHA Start Plantation Drive in Lahore

Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Chairman, Yasir Gillani on Tuesday kicked off monsoon tree plantation drive by planting a sapling at the premises of Islamia High School. The chairman called for widescale plantation to eliminate air pollution, and added that collective efforts were needed to create healthy and green environment. Free plants were distributed among the citizens in Liberty Chowk ...

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Plant burn due to excessive use of pesticides

Pesticide burn also known as phytotoxicity in plants. The symptoms appear in the form of leaf spot, narcotic blotches, the scorch of margins, and tip burns. It is caused by the application of incompatible chemicals on the crops and also spraying in adverse environmental conditions. It is best to cut off the damaged part of the plant. Try to use ...

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