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Timely complete pruning process of mango trees

<p>After harvesting of the mango fruit, pruning of branches that are sick, dry, intertwined and close to the ground should be done and cut and handle the tree canopy properly so that the tree bears high quality fruit. Use saws or sharp tools to prune trees, and do not use axes or hooves because it can damage plants. Extremely beneficial effects ...

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Instructions to protect the sugarcane crop from shoot borers

<p>Farmers should take urgent steps to protect the crop from shoot borers, as this white colored fly, with brown hairs on the tip of their stomach causes a lot of damage to the sugarcane crop. Therefore, the farmer should look for this insect and take immediate steps to eliminate it. It’s borer is white and it severely damages the crop. ...

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Instructions for cultivating oil crops for more foreign exchange

<p>Instructions for farmers to sow oil containing crops for increase foreign exchange, including increasing in production of vegetable oil and its export rate. Farmers can earn more financial benefits by cultivating approved varieties of oil crops. It is also important to timely cultivate and the use of healthy and clean seeds to obtain high yields of oil crops.</p>

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Cultivation of Spring Maize.

<p>Cultivation of Spring maize will start from Feb. 15. Farmers should know about land selection and preparation for cultivation so that the bumper crop can be aided .The choice of a heavy mine soil that is capable of absorbing water is essential. Salt effected, sandy and bean-land are not suitable for cultivation of maize.</p>

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The use of mineral salt in animal feed

<p>The use of mineral salt in animal feed ensures better health and skin production. Due to the lack of salt in the animal’s diet, the food is not fully digested and due to loss of appetite, the hair begins to fall and the skin becomes rough. Cattle breeders should keep salt in the feed alleys to meet the nutritional demand ...

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Direction of irrigation 3 to 5 times for better production of canola varieties in irrigated areas

<p>Irrigation is directed three to five times in irrigated areas for better production of canola varieties. Farmers give the first water 30 days after harvest, the second water at the time of flowering and the third water in small quantities near the pods.</p> <p>In the case of severe frost, irrigate lightly. In the same way for raya, apply the first ...

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Irrigation of citrus plants

<p>Irrigation of plants should be taken in view with respect to weather and mostly, the weather of Pakistan is warm and during this period the plant is bearing fruit. Therefore, irrigation of citrus plants should be taken into consideration and water the trees with the interval of 10 to 12 days in summers and 3 to 4 weeks in winters. ...

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