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Influences of termite on the soil fertility and crop farming.

Termites are originating globally and can be advantageous or dangerous depending on the species and location. Like other several industries, they also affect agriculture. They hold an affirmative position in soil fertilization, soil formation, decomposition of organic matter, and the vegetative growth of plants. The benefit of termites may likely be greatest due to their positive effect on water infiltration ...

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Livestock farmers should keep a record of their livestock to keep them free from all kinds of diseases.

Currently, there are numerous livestock farms in the country where cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats, and other cattle are being reared to get maximum production of milk and meat. Livestock farmers should compile their scientific records to maximize meat and milk production and keep livestock free from all kinds of diseases, including fattening, also pay special attention to the cleanliness of ...

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Mushrooms can be cultivated for the whole year including June, Agriculture expert

Agriculture experts have instructed farmers to complete mushroom cultivation on time and said that farmers can easily cultivate mushrooms in rooms, shelves, polythene bags, or other similar places. Specific varieties of mushrooms; oyster mushroom, button or European mushroom, and chestnut mushroom may have better results. If artificially humidity and temperature are maintained, mushroom cultivation can be performed for the whole ...

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To achieve more production of cotton, weeds and other host plants must be removed on time.

To achieve more production of cotton, weeds and other host plants must be eradicated periodically as the whitefish attack continues throughout the year. The increase in white flies and the migration of cotton crops can lead to the attack of cotton leaf curl virus. While tobacco, potatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers and lantanas are the most important whitefly host plants

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