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Attack of spotted bollworm on okra crop.

The spotted bollworms are the most serious insect pests of okra. The main crops which are damaged by spotted bollworms in Pakistan include okra, cotton, tomato, etc. The caterpillars feed through the buds of shoots and later on adversely affect on fruits. The whole plant is dried, sheds flowers and fruits. Treatment is necessary when 10 eggs per 100 plants ...

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The cotton plant needs a lot of nitrogen from germination to the time of boll formation.

Agriculture experts have instructed cotton growers to use macro and micro components in the crop in an appropriate manner.Further they add farmers should seriously follow the advice of agriculture expert to avoid the crisis in cotton and achieve higher yields per acre. Macro nutrient like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micro nutrient like iron, zinc, and boron must be used in ...

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Black cumin is a very important medicinal plant because of its good medicinal properties, Agriculture experts

Agriculture experts instructed farmers to start the cultivation of black cumin from August. Black cumin is a very important medicinal plant having good medicinal properties and its leaves and roots are used in the treatment of various diseases. It is used to cure various stomach diseases, so its cultivation can be started immediately and completed by the first week of ...

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Instruction issued to take precautionary measures to protect Taramira crop from epidemic blight

Agriculture experts direct precautionary measures to protect Taramira crop from epidemic blight. Further said that farmers should take timely steps to protect Taramira crop from various diseases for better yield. So that they do not face any difficulty or trouble later. The leaves, stems, and beans of the Taramira crop are prone to blight and cause brown or black spots. ...

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Effective control of rodents in sugarcane field.

The problem of rats in sugar cane fields has been seen for a long time and they cause heavy damage where sugar cane is grown. The actual amount of damage done by rats is small, but the destruction they cause is large. The rats feed through the rind of the cane stalk and eat the soft juicy and sweet tissues ...

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By the cultivation of new varieties of sugarcane farmers can increase sugar production in Pakistan up to 4%, Agriculture experts

Agriculture experts said that by the cultivation of new varieties of sugarcane farmers can increase sugar production in Pakistan by up to 4%, the use of modern production technology can help Pakistan to be the largest sugarcane producer in the world. According to modern research, if sugarcane is cultivated in deep rows, then the yield of summer crop can be ...

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Application of gypsum in the rice field

Gypsum is one of the most commonly used amendments for the reclamation of sodic soils, because of its low cost, easy availability, and ease of handling. Application of gypsum on normal soils has shown improved crop yields, which may be possibly due to supplementation of soil with sulfur and calcium. Farmers can also apply the gypsum to prevent the damages ...

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Chillie growers are instructed to harvest the chillies on time.

The agriculture experts have instructed the chillies growers to complete the picking of chillies on time. If the picking operation is not done on time, there is a risk of crop damage. Thus, no laziness or negligence should be shown in this regard. The picking process should be begun when the chillies are well matured and its colour is completely ...

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