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Chance of aphid attack on rice crop

At present the rice crop is attacked by aphid and usually the attack of the aphid is in patches. Adults and infants of the aphids suck the sap from the lower part of the plant, causing the affected leaves to turn yellow and brown. In the severe attack, the plants are turn to be dried and burned. For integrated aphid ...

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Citrus growth can be increased by proper grafting methods

For proper grafting of citrus fruit, grafting scion must be taken from those plants that are healthy and possess good yielding capacity. Before grafting, rootstock should be given urea and water. Most effective time for grafting is during September and October. The instruments used for grafting should be cleaned with recommended antiseptics. Such branches of a trees should be selected, ...

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Most damaging insect of rice, Aphid

Brown aphids are one of the most dangerous insect pest that damages sugarcane and other crops along with paddy rice. Its attack on the crop is very severe when the crop bears rice. The female brown aphid lay eggs between the leaves. The eggs begin to hatch in eight days. Adults suck the juice from the bottom of the plant ...

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Removal of weeds for better production per acre of sunflower

Timely removal of weeds, pruning and fertilizers application should be done for better production per acre of sunflower. Factors affecting the production per acre of sunflower are the most concentrated herbs because their abundance and rapid tolerance depletes the crop of food, water and light. The first eight weeks of sunflower germination are extremely important. To remove weeds, hoeing should ...

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Lack of nutrients, reduced productivity of agricultural lands

Soil fertility is the guarantee of successful cultivation, but due to lack of nutrients, the productivity of the land is decreasing, which is also decreasing crop production per acre. There is need for timely removal to ensure better and healthy yield per acre. We have been continuously cultivating more productive varieties of crops from year to year, and natural or ...

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Timely complete pruning process of mango trees

After harvesting of the mango fruit, pruning of branches that are sick, dry, intertwined and close to the ground should be done and cut and handle the tree canopy properly so that the tree bears high quality fruit. Use saws or sharp tools to prune trees, and do not use axes or hooves because it can damage plants. Extremely beneficial ...

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Instructions to protect the sugarcane crop from shoot borers

Farmers should take urgent steps to protect the crop from shoot borers, as this white colored fly, with brown hairs on the tip of their stomach causes a lot of damage to the sugarcane crop. Therefore, the farmer should look for this insect and take immediate steps to eliminate it. It’s borer is white and it severely damages the crop. ...

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Instructions for cultivating oil crops for more foreign exchange

Instructions for farmers to sow oil containing crops for increase foreign exchange, including increasing in production of vegetable oil and its export rate. Farmers can earn more financial benefits by cultivating approved varieties of oil crops. It is also important to timely cultivate and the use of healthy and clean seeds to obtain high yields of oil crops.

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