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Irrigation management of crops in monsoon season

Summer monsoon season in Pakistan is of great importance for its agricultural, economic and social purposes. Due to the ongoing monsoon season, the crops are getting the required water supply and irrigation. Therefore, farmers should not give more water to the crops. These rains are not only used for water needs of plants in the agricultural sector but also to ...

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Onion growers are instructed to take special care of fertilizer before transplantation of seedling.

Agriculture expert have instructed onion growers to complete the transplantation of onion seedling immediately. For best production, preference should be given to Phulkara and Dark Red varieties. For transplantation of onion seedling, soil should be prefer which has full capacity to absorb water. Better results can be obtained by applying compost at the rate of one mounds per marla before ...

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Role of Phosphorus in Lactating Cows.

Phosphorus is an important macro-mineral to all forms of life and about 80-85% of total P in the animal body is present as insoluble salts in the skeleton. In cattle’s, approximately 30% of phosphorus is excreted through the milk. Cattles need to be provided with adequate amounts of phosphorus to meet their nutritional needs. Phosphorus deficiencies are seen especially in ...

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Growers complete the grafting of mango trees.

Grafting is the most reliable and economical method of mango propagation. The scion becomes the canopy of the tree and the rootstock lower trunk. The grafts are more successful when done between July and August. The most common stock should be about 6 months to one year of age. Growers must use healthy rootstocks and scion with only active buds. ...

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Lentil growers do crop scouting twice a week

Agriculture expert said that lentil growers should do crop scouting twice a week. ‘Aphid sucks the sap from the leaves and releases a sweet sticky substance on which the growth of black fungus affects the photosynthesis process in the plants. Encourage farmer-friendly pests: Lady Bird bettle and Chrysoperla (lacewing) for its timely control. When the attack reaches at ETL (economic ...

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Farmers are instructed to start the cultivation of tomato seedlings immediately.

Agriculture experts instructed farmers to start the cultivation of Tomato seedlings immediately, while Roma, Nigina, and Pocket varieties of tomatoes have been declared as approved varieties of tomatoes. Farmers should cultivate only approved varieties, so they can achieve a good yield. For the early sowing of tomato crop sowing should be complete till mid-august. Vegetables should be irrigated at intervals ...

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