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Punjab Govt. Evolves Plan To Promote Oilseed Cultivation.

<p>Punjab Agriculture department has evolved a comprehensive plan costing more than Rs 5 billion for the promotion of oilseed crops like sunflower, canola and sesame across Punjab. Official sources told that the government was making efforts for motivating the growers to cultivate maximum oil seed crop and decided to provide subsidy to the growers. This will not only produce maximum ...

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Intercropping can increase yield of farmers

<p>Farmers can increase their income by cultivating more than two crops (mixed crops) at the same time in their fields. Fertile land, irrigation water, close-distance from field to farm, communication resources and labour are the prerequisite elements for cultivating mixed crops. Farmers could cultivate mustard, canola, grains, potato, onion, tomato, garlic, radish, carrots and fenugreek leaf in sugarcane field.</p>

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Farmers are directed to irrigate cotton till October 7-10

<p>Directed farmers to irrigate cotton till October 10 because of delay in the final irrigation, the crop would be damaged. Therefore, the farmer should not show any neglect and as soon as the white flower reaches the top of the plant, the last water should be applied immediately.</p> <p>Farmers can also decide irrigation time according to the weather and crop ...

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Farmers Being Assisted To Improve Irrigation System.

<p>Financial and technical assistance is being provided to farmers to improve the irrigation system in the areas where there is no canal water available for cultivation. A spokesman for the Punjab Agriculture Department said on Thursday that the assistance was being provided under a project. He said a farmer must possess at least up to 40-kanal land to benefit from ...

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Prepare land for the early cultivation of Wheat

<p>Early (Ageti) cultivation of wheat should be started from the mid of October. The farmers should start preparation of land for it, as early cultivation not only gives bumper production but also produces high quality grains. Farmers should use latest technology for preparation of land and cultivation of wheat crops.</p>

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Potato fresh produce as a seed is not suitable for new cultivation

<p>Potato fresh produce as the seeds are not suitable for new cultivation so make sure to break the dormancy of the seeds before planting them. Complete the cultivation of potatoes from 1st October to 20th October as the above mentioned days are very suitable for cultivating potatoes.</p> <p>Before planting the potato, it should be left open for 10 to 12 ...

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Early sowing of Lentil suggested

<p>The growers are advised to start cultivation of Lentil immediately and complete it up to mid of November to get bumper yield. The growers should cultivate approved varieties of lentil including Masoor-93, NIAB Masoor-2002, NIAB Masoor-2006, Punjab Masoor-2009, Chakwal Masoor and Markaz-2009 etc for getting maximum production. The best time for lentil cultivation is from 1st October to 15th November whereas it should be cultivated in irrigated areas from 15th October to 15th November.</p>

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