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Attack of warble fly (Mahro Makhi) animals.

“Mehro Makhi” or warble fly is highly dangerous for animals because it punctures skins, affects reproduction system and growth of animals, a focal person of Livestock Department Multan, Dr. Majid informed. The affected animals lose capacity to offer milk or produce babies due to attack of the fly, he said. These cattle heads could not take food properly as “Mehro ...

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Cultivation of mustard and rapeseed

Seed rate of mustard and rapeseed should be one and a half to two kilograms per acre and to prevent the diseases caused due to seeds they should be treated with benomil or thiophanate methyl  (2kg) before sowing. These oil seed crops should be sown in wattar by small seed drill and the seeds should not be sown more than ...

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Farmers should remove the weeds present in the cotton crop for effective treatment of the cotton leaf curl virus

Farmers should remove the weeds present in the cotton crop for effective treatment of the cotton leaf curl virus. These weeds compete with the nutritional requirements of the cotton plants. The effects of the virus can be minimized if balanced use of fertilizers, especially if potassium is used at optimum level. Dissolve magnesium sulphate solution is 300 grams, potassium nitrate ...

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Rice pests and diseases

Regular pest scouting should be done to prevent paddy crop from insect attack and diseases like brown spots on leaves, bacterial inflammation, rice blast and root and stem rot of the crop. This change in weather can be extremely dangerous for the crop so do not neglect the symptoms of these diseases and cure them before they cause harm to ...

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Livestock keepers are instructed to do vaccination.

Livestock department instructed livestock keepers to do vaccination in order to prevent diseases in goat, sheep and poultry. They said farmers should not forget to do vaccination in the month of October, as it is the best season for doing it. Director of Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Faisalabad, Dr. Saliha Gul, said that to protect animals from infectious diseases ...

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Beetroot cultivation

Farmers should complete the cultivation of beetroot from mid-August to the end of September to get the best yield per acre of sugar beet. Beetroot is a very important and profitable vegetable.

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Medicinal important of Moringa Tree

Agriculture experts said that moringa, locally called Sohanjna, is good for treatment for the treatment of different diseases, and can also be utilized as a source of edible oil.This plant can be sown in Feb-March and it starts producing seed only in a year. Moringa carried numerous benefits which included its use as a good quality fodder for animals, improves ...

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5,000 Saplings Planted In Coleges In One Day.

Over 5,000 saplings were planted in a day at different colleges of Faisalabad division under `Plant for Pakistan’ Campaign. Parliamentarians Latif Nazar, Mian Waris Aziz and Firdous Rai opened the plantation drive by planting saplings at Government Postgraduate College of Science, Government College for Women Samanabad, Government College for Women Peoples Colony, respectively. Director Colleges Dr. Muhammad Alam, Deputy Director ...

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