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Cultivation of Coriander Coriander is indispensable spice in the kitchen. It gives good, flavour to dish. Thus coriander seed and fresh leaves are commonly used in every kitchen to prepare testy dishes. Coriander leaves constitute one of the richest sources of Vitamin ‘C’ and condiment in curries and in fresh chutneys. Climate: It is a cool season crop. Cool weather ...

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Okra Production Technology in Pakistan Okra or Lady’s finger (Abelmoschus esculentus or Hibiscus esculentus) is cultivated for vegetable purpose. It is an important crop of many parts of the world and is thought to be native either of tropical Africa or Asia. Okra is a popular summer crop, the young tender fruits are cooked in curries stewed and used as ...

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Cultivation of Berseem or Egyptain Clover Local Name : Bersim gavat Family : Leguminoceae Botanical Name : Trifolium alexandrium Origin : Egypt Economic Uses of Berseem: Berseem is leguminous fodder crop and provide proteins and other minerals to animals. It can be fed as green, dry and in silage form. It is very palatable and mostly fed as green fodder ...

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Sorghum Production Technology Climate and soil Basically, sorghum is a tropical plant, but it has i adapted to climatic conditions in the temperate zone. It possesses a great deal of adaptability to various types of climate and soil conditions. It can withstand heat and drought better than maize, and so it is widely cultivated in the semiarid regions of the ...

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Cultivation of Oat Local Name : Jawa Family : Gramineae Botanical Name : Avena sativa Origin : Asia minor Oat is mainly grown as a fodder crop but occasionally grown as grain crop. Introduction of oats: Oat is primarily cultivated for fodder crop as well as grain crop. The cultivation practices are similar to wheat farming. Oats belong to the ...

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The poultry sector is an important and vibrant segment of agriculture in Pakistan with a significant contribution to the national GDP (1.3%). Commercial poultry production in Pakistan started in the 1960’s and has been providing a significant portion of daily proteins to the Pakistani population ever since. During its evolution the industry enjoyed promotional policies of the Government, but has ...

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Buffaloes and Cows

Being major player in the national economy, livestock sector is accepted as an economy engine for poverty alleviation in Pakistan. According to economic survey of Pakistan 2013-14, its contribution to agriculture value added is approximately 55.9 % and to national GDP is 11.8 % with Gross Value Addition of Rs.776.5 billion (2013-14), showing an increase of 2.7 percent as compared ...

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Onion (Allium cepa L) is one of the important condiments widely used in all households all the year round. The green leaves and immature and mature bulbs are eaten raw or used in preparation of vegetables. Onions are used in soups, sauces and for seasoning foods. The small bulbs one pickled in vinegar. Recent research has suggested that onions in ...

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Peanut Cultivation

Groundnut is an important cash crop in barani areas (potohar Region) of upper Punjab and parts of KPK. In Sindh, it is grown under irrigated conditions. About 84 % of the total groundnut area lies in Punjab, 13% in KPK and 3 % in Sindh. During 1998-99, the total area under groundnut was 97,500 hectares with the production of 104,000 ...

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In Pakistan, it occupies 9,044 ha area and its production is 88,148 tonnes (FAO, 2015). Yield of brinjal in Pakistan has been reported to be 97,466 kg/ ha. Seedling Raising Nursery Bed Preparation: Bringal seeds are sown on nursery beds to raise seedlings for transplanting in the field. Raised beds are necessary to avoid problem of water logging in heavy ...

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