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Musk Melon

Production Technology of Musk Melon in Pakistan Cultivation The major pockets of musk melon growing are Thatta, Badin and some parts of Mirpurkhas as well as Bahawalpur and Sahiwal. It is also cultivated in ‘katcha’ areas and is known as a money-maker crop. There are a number of varieties in the world but in Pakistan, farmers grow only two varieties ...

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Banana Production technology Pakistan is a land of promise and tremendous development possibilities by virtue of its unique geographical location, fast inquisitional talents of its people, and richness of natural and cultural resources. Agricultural sector of Pakistan is usually divided into four main sub-sectors: crops, livestock and forestry and fisheries, Banana is an important sector of Pakistan Banana is extensively ...

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Apples Production Technology Climate: Most of the commercially grown apple cultivars in Pakistan require a cooler climate than all other fruits. Apple thrives and fruits best under a relatively cool slow growing season, usually met with at higher altitudes. Therefore, proper selection of varieties is of major importance. Varieties grown under such conditions are Amri, Kashmiri Amri, Golden Delicious, Red ...

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