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Climate change and Wheat

The most dangerous impact of climate change affecting the main staple crop (Wheat) very badly. Shifting of the December Rains with wind showers in Feb-March causes wind lodging in wheat and get aphids back to wheat. Scientists work hard on it and bring some mitigation strategies for wind lodging developed some verities resistant to wind lodging and Ridge planting in wheat.

As 80% of crop yield depends on timely sowing But in 2015 at the time of sowing unpredictable rainfall patterns delayed sowing resulting negative impacts on Wheat yield. In 2016 No Rain fall up till now can cause negative impact on Rabi Crops mainly effect the major staple crop. It is the dire need of the time that Scientists must take some steps and try to develop the early maturing verities of wheat to protect our staple crop and to come up with some mitigation strategies to meet the climate change issues.

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