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Cultivation of carrots in the garden.

Like radishes, turnips, and sugar beets, the carrot is also used as root food. It is enumerated in the root vegetable. Carrots can be cultivated in September-October in winter. Farmers should prefer deep, fertile loamy soil for better yield of carrots. In which have good water drainage capacity. Before sowing, soften the soil to a depth of at least 1 ft. Then make ridges and sow seeds on top of the ridges. The use of 60 to 65 grams of carrot seeds per marla can guarantee a good crop. There are two varieties of winter carrots available in Pakistan, one is T-29 and the other is Deep Red. In addition, a variety of carrot ‘black carrot’ is grown on a limited scale. It is dark purple in colour. This type is not commonly available in the market. At the time of land preparation, 2 bags of DAP and 1 bag of potash per acre should be used then irrigated.

Uzma Niazi (Agronomist)




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