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Cultivation on permanent raised beds.

Many farmers are now adopting innovative ways of farming. There is technique called permanent raised beds that suits those areas having shortage of water, like that of sindh. With PRBs, farmers can have timely sowing, as they don’t have to waste any time in preparing the land. On the other hand, the beds are only demolished and then formed every year. PRB improves soil management and helps conserve water consumption. In this technique, 3-4ft wide trapezoidal beds are formed amidst furrows.

They are kept intact for a few years to grow multiple numbers of crops. PRBs do not need deep tillage. A particular portion of the raised beds is somewhat loosened prior to the sowing of the seed, with minimal disturbance to roots of the preceding crop that provide microorganisms of roots and soil are retained to promote biological activity. PRBs absorb water released in furrows, but with the combination of drip irrigation it saves a lot of water and also reduces chance of increase in salt concentration.


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