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Drinking water can also be used to irrigate domestic vegetable farming.

Vegetable farming is not only important for human health but it is equally important to maintain human body and mind, because vegetables grown in the home garden are purely organic as they are free from chemicals and fertilizers.Therefore, the people should promote kitchen gardening to avoid the sale of commercial vegetables and to keep their health in the best condition. If there is no space available for vegetable farming, vegetables can be grown in pots, open boxes, plastic or wooden trays for fulfill the need.Small vegetables should be cultivated for household scale, which are capable of giving production for a long time.

Vegetables such as Spinach, coriander, fenugreek, cauliflower, tomatoes, turnip, carrots and reddish can be cultivated in a plot of three to five marlas. If the canal water is not available for these vegetables, drinking water can also be used. After cultivating vegetables, at the time of irrigation it should be considered that water does not exceed over the ridges otherwise it may affect the soil surface and germination of plant


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