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Fancy Bird Farming

Breeding and business of colorful birds is done all around the world and many people keep them in their homes. These beautiful birds can be kept in any small section of the house like in courtyard, terrace or balcony. For this, you can make a cage with the help of wood, iron or plastic by investing a small amount of money. Apart from this you can use vessels made of mud or bottles or cans of oil and ghee for making house for these birds. Wooden cartons or baskets made of plastic and branches can also be used for this purpose.

Various types of parrots like budgerigar and cocktail and birds like finch, java, canary, pigeon, love birds and quail can be kept easily in homes. These birds produce children in a short time that are sold at a very good price. Various kinds of grains are mixed and given as food and ready made feed is also available for them in the market.

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