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Farm Yard Manure should be applied before cultivating vegetables.

Agriculture experts said that for obtaining higher production of vegetables proper preparation of field is necessary. Farm yard manure should be applied before vegetable farming in order to achieve a maximum yield. Farmyard Manure is a valuable organic manure which enhances and restores a range of natural properties of the soil. It Increases soil fertility and aids water and nutrient retention. It is one of the best organic fertilizers maintaining soil fertility in the systems of alternative agriculture. Before cultivation farmers should consult agriculture experts in order to obtain higher production. Since the cultivation of vegetable requires more water than other crops, therefore, selection suitable land is important. That field should be selected which has more potential to absorb water. He said that the farmer should pay full attention to the preparation of the land and land should be smooth and properly levelled. Vegetables should be cultivated according to their season and resistant varieties should be selected for cultivation.

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