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Fruit splitting: Causes and prevention

Fruit splitting is a serious problem found in many regions. There are several reasons, but inappropriate watering is the most common cause of fruit splitting. Splits normally show at the blossom end when moisture is absorbed erratically. Insect damage can also count in the main factors i,e. aphids and scales. The extreme fluctuations in humidity level, temperature, and fertilizer application also responsible for it. Some fruit varieties may be more susceptible to splitting, so it should keep in mind while selecting a variety for the garden. Fruit tree requires infrequent and deep irrigation for healthy growth so avoid overwatering and irrigates the plant about 6-8 inches deep every one or two weeks. Growers apply all the essential nutrients including micro-nutrients (Boron & potash) at the time of flowering. Use insecticide to control the insect’s infestation on the plants.

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