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Growers complete the grafting of mango trees.

Grafting is the most reliable and economical method of mango propagation. The scion becomes the canopy of the tree and the rootstock lower trunk. The grafts are more successful when done between July and August. The most common stock should be about 6 months to one year of age. Growers must use healthy rootstocks and scion with only active buds. Cut the chosen rootstock from the tree about 4 inches (10 cm.) above the soil by using a very sharp grafting knife. Cut the 3- 6-inch long piece of the scion from the tree and trim back the uppermost leaves. With a knife, make a wedge cut at end of the scion and Place it into the slot you’ve cut in the rootstock. Be sure they line up. Use grafting tape to secure the rootstock to the scion. Put a plastic bag over the new graft and tie it off at the bottom to create a warm, humid environment and protect the new graft from insects and pests. Once the tree has begun growing and produces new leaves, remove the bags and the tape from the graft. Water the tree, but do not overwater after grafting.

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